Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

End of Day Two

Upon returning to Gartanu

DM: The sun sets as the party returns to the safety of the colony’s fortified walls. In the central plaza the lanes and streets between the makeshift shelters and tents are choked with other returnees that also ventured out for the day. Soon night will come and with it the restless dead.

As routine the Terruizengan abjurers set about the task of warding the outer grounds during the twilight and eventually sealing all gateways with arcane glyphs and runes of protection. The gates never open once the sun goes down.

Upon arriving at the guildhall Xyoen orders the henchmen to unload and secure the carts and draft beasts. “Ah friends, a timely arrival! The others are already inside and supper has been prepared. Come in, come in. We have some important matters to discuss tonight.” Xyoen assigns three henchmen with the task of bringing fresh clothes and maintaining your party’s equipment before excusing himself and heading off towards the central plaza.

A short time later and the henchmen leads you all into the common area where smells of roasted boar and vegepygmy stew fills the air. The other guilders are already eating and regaling tales of the day:

One party consisting of the dwarven noble Oquet; the halfling warrior Sach; a human mystic Boern; and the shifter druid Hearb ventured over the bridge to the west in search of the shadow malignancy, they did not get very far before coming upon the ruins of a small ramshackle settlement.

  • ”...haunts spooked Majehluhn, the crazy bastard ran off into the woods. We tried to catch him but he disappeared!”
  • ”...strangest thing, the whole tower was empty, but it was obvious there must’ve been four, maybe five dozen folk living there for years. They couldn’t have left more than a few days past…”
  • ”...the shadows kept shifting, nobody else would believe me then that short fella started speaking gibberish before sprinting off…”

A second party, this one led by the renowned ranger Falsias and his followers of battered looking warriors and scouts headed north acting upon rumors of the mad wizard’s ancient hoard. Only half their numbers returned.

  • “nothing but draconic spawn and little blue demon born out there. shifty little runts barely half my height.”
  • “it’s not those infernal fecks that vexed us, some sort of twisted magic warps the forest. the trees moved…”
  • ”...don’t know what happened to the rest of the party, they may still be alive. was the work of Avandra that we made it out of those woods.”

Some other would be adventurers were stuck for the day with the unfortunate tasks of gathering food and guarding caravans and had much less spectacular stories to share.

[OOC: feel free to interact with the NPCs, or tell your own story In Character below. I’ll keep up as best as I can with the replies. No set date for the next game session, but here’s a good place as any to gather information, make some cash, and possibly go on a sidequest for some extra xps.]



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