Otherworldly Materials

These special materials are mostly found in fragments of ancient magical technology, scattered throughout the old world


Wondrous Items contains various otherworldly materials that can be broken down into a salvaged state. Shards and fragments of Wondrous Items always contains otherworldly materials in a damaged state, such finds can still prove valuable when crafting and can also be easily sold.

Salvaged otherworldly material can be used by spell casters trained in the Spellcraft skill as though the crafter possessed the Craft Wondrous Item feat. Damaged otherworldly material is worth only 20% of the salvaged cost. Finding Raw otherworldly material is rare, and it can be worth at minumum twice the clue of salvaged Wondrous material.

Wondrous Items may be either functioning, or broken. Functioning Wondrous Items are highly rare and usually worth much more than as broken down components. The Spellcraft skill is used both to repair a Wondrous Item, and to break it down into salvaged otherworldly material.

To break down Wondrous Items into salvaged otherworldly material, the DC equals the complexity of the item ranging from DC 15 through DC 35. The potential amount of otherworldly material salvaged is equal to half the Wondrous Item’s base cost. The time taken to break down Wondrous Items into Otherworldly material is 1d4+2 hours for every 1,000gp worth of material salvaged.


The people of Terruizeng kingdom often have conflicting views of the origins, uses, and appearances of otherworldly materials. Some view these materials as being sacred, mystical. Others as dangerous, or alien, a potentially corrupting force. Scholars and seekers of ancient knowledge claims that with the arrival of magic and the now exiled gods were brought these various otherworldly substances.

Otherworldly Materials

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