Starting a New Character

What happens if my character dies? How can I bring him/her back to life?: If you have the means then yes, otherwise you may have to create a new level 1 character to continue playing.

What if my character was level 10? Do I really have to start back at level 1?: If you choose to start a new character you can, but once you reach level 7 you may take the Leadership feat and gain a loyal cohort(an npc companion with class levels) and a number of followers to assist your character in adventuring. Effectively you could take on the role of your main character’s cohort and go on a mission to raise your main character back from the dead. Alternatively you could continue play as the cohort itself. As a house rule for this campaign all player characters gain the Leadership feat for free upon reaching 7th level.

What happens to all my old characters stuff if I continue the game as the cohort?: The cohort inherits the old characters equipment and funds, unless for whatever in game reason it was promised/willed to another player or non player character. The followers however will need to be won over by the cohort by reaching level 7 and gaining the Leadership feat.

Does this mean my cohort could get a cohort as well?: Yes it does. Even if your main character is alive the cohort may receive his/her own cohort and followers upon reaching level 7 and gaining the Leadership feat.

What if I die before level 7? Do I have to start at level 1?: Yes. This unfortunately is the nature of the campaign. It does however pay to make friends in your guild who would be willing to go out of their way to raise your character from the dead or rescue your character from certain doom if either event were to occur.

What do I do if my character dies before level 7, and the game session just got started?: In the likely/unlikely event that this would occur you may create a backup character whom may conveniently have been traveling/exploring/imprisoned/captured/left for dead nearby. Alternatively if the adventuring group were traveling with a hired npc adventurer, you may also take on that character’s role for the rest of the night. Leaving a player hanging with absolutely nothing to do isn’t my style, and hopefully a fun game session can still be had in the aftermath of the loss of your main player character.

Starting a New Character

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