The Planet Irthos

Irthos is a fictional planet inhabited by mortal, supernatural and otherworldly creatures. Players take on the role of the descendants of this ancient planet in a fantastic world where nightmarish creatures, god like beings, and monstrous beasts once ruled the land. Take back the old world and seek adventure in lost and mystical realms full of legendary perils and unimaginable fortunes.

Nearly seven centuries has passed since the arrival of magic ignited a terrible and violent war amongst the old gods of Irthos, and the new gods that traveled the pathways between these mortal realms and their otherworldly domains.

The ravages of the infernal hordes that followed erased the exact beginnings of the age of demons from common knowledge. Countless legends and tales describe accounts of the abyss which spewed forth corruption and a plague of evil that washed across all of the land. In short time ancient empires and shining kingdoms fell to ruins and were abandoned.

But the sun has finally set upon the last of those long and torturous days three generations ago it is said, when the primal spirits arose from the earth and banished those demons and devils from this plane of existence. By doing so the paths between worlds were sealed and the new gods faded away.

The old gods, finally rid of their rivals demanded worship once more as they had in the past. However, these powerful beasts and seemingly omnipotent beings right to rule were challenged by mortals that had somehow gained the power to harness the elements and perform miracles. These champions became known as godlings and had rose up as heroes and villains of renown. And so the civilized peoples of Irthos thrived, no longer oppressed by the tyranny of the old gods, and began to expand upon their domains.

The Planet Irthos

Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc maka