Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

Ancient Irthos: Session 1

Campaign begins March 26, 2010

You arrive as part of the first wave of guilders, adventurers, nobles, and soldiers to a fledgling colony built up from the remnants of a fallen city under siege by the undead.

The tiered structures of the abandoned city of Entioch were still mostly intact, but have been reclaimed by the wild, and beaten by the near constant downpour that this region is known for. Densely packed trees as tall as the ruined buildings and complexes, along with the thick over growth made the humid shores of Terruizeng feel like nothing compared to the murky streams and steaming swamp like conditions present in these ruins.

Behind the temporary safety of the fortified colony, the new arrivals begin to make their plans. The original colonists of House Asendo were none too happy about requiring aid from their rival houses and the division and tension between is tolerated. For now action is required, the undead threat is rumored to have been unleashed while exploring the ruins and is said to have been growing quickly as time passes. The source of these unholy creatures must be found and destroyed.

We are meeting up on Friday March 26 4pm over the wailua hale. The game begins @5pm.

We have a full party of 5 adventurers signed up! Kase, Logan, Skyler, Jon, and Amy. If anyone else is interested I think I could handle one more player, just send me a message.