Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

Ancient Irthos: Session 1 rescheduled

Friday, April 2nd 2010. 5:30pm @ the wailua hale

If everyone shows up we have 7 players(open to more players as long as I’m given advanced notice, curious as to how much exactly is too much) which could be hectic, especially since this is my first run with the Pathfinder rules set.

Plan for a 4 hour game(with short breaks here and there) ending at 10:30pm and bring some food/drinks to share if possible.

Since it’s a new rules set we’ll try to make snap judgments on the fly and focus on keeping the game rolling. Mistakes are inevitable but I’m sure we’ll be able to make the best of it.

Please have your character ready before the game begins. Feel free to bring your laptop/netbook, notebooks, and pencils, basically whatever you use to keep track of your character sheet or access the rules. If you have any questions about your character the best way to contact me is on this site(I lost my phone again).

See you guys on Friday!


Alright. I’ve got my character rolled up and I’ll post it soon. I’m new to this ruleset too and fairly new to DnD in general. I hope to have fun getting to know people and playing some DnD. smiles


Um, my brother wants to come too. He’s new to DnD, but I’ll help him roll up a (simple) character. Is that cool? And maybe even a sit in – I have a friend visiting from Oregon. So… 9 people? Wee!

Thanks, Vz


Sounds like some chaotic awesome fun!


Wow. And then there is Nick who wants to play too. He’s rolled up two characters, one for if he gets to play in the main game, and the other for if he’s going to play a rival character in online play only. :)


Sadly, I don’t think we’ll be able to make it this week – I have been vetoed by the Mrs., as happens when guests are in town. Are we shooting for every other week? If so, I am SO on it – as is my little brother. -Vz.


@ryan: I’m intending to guarantee run once a month at the moment, but may throw in the odd session here and there if I find the time.

If you or Jon wants to start running games let me know! I’m down to talk story and trade ideas on the shared setting campaign.


I’m up for that.


I’m still hesitant to commit to more than the odd fill-in. Work has been weird with hours – self employment means working ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Or something like that. But I may be able to play in multiple… we’ll see.


After we get the first adventure of mike’s game down and I get a feel for what he’s doing with this new campaign I’ll work with him to get a second side-plot going that will focus on the online players but people are welcome to come by my place and join in face to face and have some pizza or whatever I’ve been cooking up. My new place I’m moving into on the 10th is in kilauea and I got a new couch that is much more comfortable. It’s got a much smaller kitchen, however, so we’ll see what sort of things I come up with.


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