Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

Bar Talk: Session 2

Tahnith (Barkeep): “Hey! It’s Lyreth. Haven’t seen you in a couple o’ days.”

Lyreth: “We’ve been busy.”

T “Runnin’ in to trouble have ya?”

L “Not too much.”

T “Sariah told me about those cave-crab-spider things you guys took out.”

L “Yeah, well we went back today. This time we got ready before we got too close. A gargoyle flew overhead, and landed above the doorway. Started speaking abyssal at us. Luckily, Phae understood him, more or less. Apparently those cave fishers were his pets. He said something about leave now, but Erik charged the door. So of course the cave fishers shot at him. Luckily they missed, because the gargoyle came back, oh right, an alchemist named Zip or something like that came with us today. At any rate, the gargoyle came down and hit Zip pretty hard. Erik came running back, and I had Zohrell move around to fight the gargoyle. I used a spell to enlarge him putting a barrier between Zip and the gargoyle. Phae was trying to talk to him, saying something about negotiations, when Erik cut off the majority of one of its wings. It tried to get away and fell into the river. So the oracle tied a rope to Erik, and he jumped after it. We hoisted him up gargoyle in tow, and headed inside. Not much excitement after that. Zohrell, Erik, and Zip took out some rather large centipedes, and we found some broken down constructs. Zohrell sensed something coming with the night, and we headed back. Anything exciting around here today?” .....


DM: Berotuttle’s Brews, a comparatively upscale establishment when held in contrast to the crudely constructed booths, mezzanines, tents, and kiosks that has risen in the central plaza over the last week along with the new arrivals. Although the guilds official purpose is to assist the founding colonists in fortifying this frontier outpost, their obvious intentions seem to be keen on not only securing priceless treasure and invaluable artifacts, but turning a profit as well.

Overnight a pub appeared near the southern gate of Gartanu. A sturdy building constructed out of even flat stones and a deep reddish brown lumber, possibly devil’s husk. An intricately carved sign hangs over it’s yawning arched entrance depicting a pleasant imp face with mischeviously shifting eyes that occasionally dart from side to side. From sundown to sun up the pub attracts customers from all four quarters of the colony with it’s odd exotic brews and an abundance of familiar standbys from Ingo’s Blue Bile to Daagor’s Spirits, Dragonsbane and Dwarven Mead.

Behind the counter is Tanith the barkeep, a friendly and quite tall gnome with long dull blue ehu hair that further exagerrates his height.

Tanith: “The gargoyle across the south bridge? Glad to see you made it back in a part, I heard that flying statue been lording over that building for years. Word is that Kionda just left him be, seems sort of odd if you want my opinion. Find anything?”

Bar Talk: Session 2

“Onlythemostinterestinggolem’sever! I mean… ahem… we found intact golems. Any idea how valuable they might be?”

Bar Talk: Session 2

Tanith: “Golems? Depends. You ever been to the northeast quarters? House Asendo’s territory? Well, they’ve got a fair bit of a small army of constructs guarding their corner of our not so fair colony. Problem is most of those bots are dumb as a pail of mites. That plus half of the ones they got are falling apart, rusted bolts and worn out sockets.”

“Not sure what they go for, I’ve never seen one up for sale. Usually something get’s brought in, it hit’s the Dark square market. Keep hearing rumors about this guild and that finding constructs, bots, golems, homunculi, you name it but so far none’s hit the square. Tell you the truth, you’d probably have better luck asking an engineer or forgesmith, I’ve never been good with those archaic contraptions.”

Bar Talk: Session 2

“Does anyone know where Kionda may have gone?”

Bar Talk: Session 2

Tanith: “Only rumors and speculations, for the most part I doubt even half the words are fact. What I do know is he disappeared the same night the dead first showed their rotting faces. Seems to be common rumor anyway. Don’t know myself, just arrived a week ago.”

Bar Talk: Session 2

@Tanith, “Thanks for all the information. Where did you come from anyways?”


I send a message spell to Lyreth, “I’d like to find out more about this Kionda guy. I think we should fan-angle a way to use the shadow portals to find him. Perhaps we will have a chance if we befriend one of the keepers of the portal and persuade them to help us bring an end to the reign of the undead.”

Bar Talk: Session 2

Tahnith: “Walked the same broken roads as you I think. Ancient trade road that used to connect the kingdom and this here reclaimed ruins of olden times, that ring a charm? Too bad we couldn’t ‘ve just ported here, but you know those fickle pecked Uldarans. Devils, I’ve heard the soldiers arrived days before we got here, and didn’t leave for a week or so after we had already left Terruizeng.”

It is early in the evening, and folks have been trickling in for some time. Things get busy and Tahnith excuses himself from your conversation. “Good seeing you fellows again. Need to get back to it now. Keep the tab open?”

Bar Talk: Session 2

@Phae “I think something is fishy about this Kionda. At any rate we need more information on the house of Asendo. We should begin asking around. Maybe they’ve stopped by the shops around here. I think it’s worth looking into.”

Bar Talk: Session 2