Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

Battinggu's Mental Diary

Akmenos is dead.

He was lucky.

Not sure exactly what happened to the rest… I’m sure Jana faired the best… bitch.

Thought I heard Shalai sceaming a few hours ago… not sure… head still hurts… hopefully Shalai will come back to save me… I doubt the others would…

Toads keep staring at me with cold dead looking eyes… I hate them… They almost never blink.

At least when I was captured by the dragon she gave me a warm, dry cage to sleep in… everything here is moist… and I didn’t need to wear bells on my horns…

ugh… the big red warty one is back… his breath smells… he wants me to dance…

If no one comes back to rescue me all I can do is wait & hope some other adventurers sumble in and give me a chance to excape… till then I just need to watch & wait for my opportunity…

* Battinggu cries himself to sleep



HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! .... poor battinggu…

Battinggu's Mental Diary

Wow.. i heard about this campaign, but this thing the session is crazier than i thought. maybe i can create a character and with dumb luck & lucky rolls be able to free you. hmm.. still working on the RP from online tho. i hope you make it out alive. May the gods bless and save you. if not, then may the good spirits come to take you away.

Battinggu's Mental Diary