Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

Curing the Blind

After returning from their Journey, Lyreth is a bit lost and confused. Blinded by a powerful disease he realizes he needs to find a healer. Phae does not seem to be able to help, as she has not already. Curing blindness will likely take a stronger healer. Slowly walking through Gartanu, Lyreth made his way back to his bed. With his head still spinning, he contemplated how to proceed. Not used to asking for help, Lyreth decided he would go out and look for a healer. There had to be someone who could cure his loss of sight.

In the morning Lyreth awoke, got up and slowly walked to Berotuttle’s Brews. Having been there often enough, he knew the path, more or less, and only bumped into a few people along the way.

Sariah “Lyreth, you’re here early.”

Lyreth “Well I’d be going out today however; I’ve come down with something, and can’t really see anything.”

S “How’d you manage that.”

L “A swarm of some sort of giant bug flew down and bit me. Next thing I knew I felt weaker, and I started losing my vision.”

S “Well, we don’t have any drinks that can help you with that, but I can get you a strong stout if you like?”

L “Just something to eat would be nice. Oh, by the way, heard of any good healers around here?”


OOC: Sariah makes a knowledge(local)check , having profession(bar maiden) make’s this a class skill.

DM: “Doesn’t your guild have a healer? No? Aw, poor kid.” Sariah seems to have just remembered something,”Oh! Just the other day a mystic stopped by looking for somebody. He looked like the healer type. Clean white robes, well clean-ish… But he wore the most beautiful sun stone around his neck. I, don’t quite remember his name. Well, that’s all I know, I hope that helps!”

Curing the Blind

Lyreth “Thanks, I’ll ask around, someone is bound to know who he is.”

Lyreth exits, heading to the guild hall in search of the mystical healer. Upon arriving, he immediately begins asking around to see if anyone has seen a mystic with clean-ish robes and a sun stone amulet.

Curing the Blind