Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

Day Four

DM: As usual the gates of Gartanu are sealed and the outer grounds warded for protection throughout the night. The already dimmed light that fights to penetrate the plasteel dome above the central plaza begins to fade. It is night, and much like it has been over the past week, the central plaza is bustling with activity.

Several of you might be in the Guild Hall, recovering, boasting stories, training, or possibly planning for your next expedition.

Others may be wandering the makeshift streets of the central plaza, it’s ever changing bazaar of goods foraged, pillaged, and reclaimed from the surrounding ruins. You’ve heard that Berrotuttle Brew’s near the south gate has been a reliable source for rumors. The Dark Market Square square auction starts in a few hours and the booths and stalls that surrounds the dark wooden stage always has interesting things for sale.

It is early still, plenty of time to explore the colony. What do you do?

The player characters have fourteen hours until the gates open back up. It takes eight to rest without having to make a Con check vs. exhaustion. Not sure what to do? Here’s a list of possibilities to get started. Either leave a comment below or start a new aventure log describing what your character is doing and I will update your character’s status in the wiki.