Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

Day Three: Upon Returning to Gartanu

-Player character guilders Lyreth, Zorel, Phae, Deed, and Frederick returns from their ventures to the north.

-The rest of the player characters are spending the day doing either mundane tasks for Xyoen, or taking care of personal business in town.

DM: It is early, barely second breakfast when the guilders return from their expedition to the north. Gartanu appears mostly deserted, most of the residents being gone for the day gathering food, fortifying the settlement, general tasks and what not, not to mention the other guilders and rivals venturing into the unknown.

(OOC: The next two game sessions will take place on day 4. Use the comments area below to explore, gather info, etc. Alternatively click here to start a new thread.)