Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

Irthos - Session 1 - A beginning

Participants: Jan, Jebwick, Eric, Sevearn, (the summoner), (The Oracle), (The Witch)

Today we made our first reconnaissance expedition out into the wilderness of Entioc. Out of Gartanu, about a quarter mile along one of the many bridges that are said to connect all of Entioc like roads, we found another of the tiered structures similar to Gartanu. This one, however seemed to be inhabited by wild beasts reminiscent of overgrown lobsters. I’m told they are called Cave Fishers. Eric did a fine job of exterminating the pest and we did a little exploring of the building before we decided to head back to the safety of our Company Hall in Gartanu. Other than that, the trip was, although wet and miserable, entirely uneventful. We’ll have to head out again soon and do more exploring. There’s bound to be fantastic pieces of history around the corner if we just can get a chance to look.



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