Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

Search for the Rod of Flames

After the last adventure Calro has found a new hatred for goblins. Their attack on his dog in an attempt to steal the adventurers wagons has angered Calro to the point of making a vow to destroy all goblins. He now seeks a way to gain more power in the magic arts of the flame.

4 hours pass as Calro searches for his brother. He finds Gayle sitting at a table in the tavern.

Calro: “I need more power. I can no longer stand behind and watch while everyone fights. If only I were stronger those goblins would not have gotten away.”

Gayle: “Ha ha. I see so the goblins have managed to get to you. Listen brother you fight well, don’t be so hard on yourself. One man can only do so much.. Sigh I will help you but only this once.. If you get to overpowered the fire will burn you to ash. I heard someone in the market speaking of a rod of flames. I believe his name was Mihael . You should find him in the North Gate District.”

Calro: “Thank you brother. How about a drink for the help?”

Gayle: “Ha Ha I’ll take two.”

Calro: “Fine, but only because you’re family”

Diplomacy check results

Hours spent gathering information

Arcana check results

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10Knowledge(Arcana): A rod of flames? Sounds a little suspicious. Rods are not only prized by it’s owner, but tend to be obscure to begin with. Then again Calro has heard outlandish tales of these scepter like devices. In the kingdom, a destruction mage named Ultpaob of House Dohrell was renown for his surprisingly speedy spell casting. They say his casting was somehow quickened by the dull green fanged scepter he carried, rumor was he talked to it. One thing Calro knows for sure, crafting such an object is beyond his abilities, for now.

Perhaps this Mihael is in possession of such a device that Calro seeks? If not, maybe he can craft it, or know someone else who can?

OOC: Make another Gather Information check to track down Mihael, gain a +2 bonus to the check since you know his general whereabouts and reduce the time spent by 1 hour. If it gets to late it might be an auto fail.

Search for the Rod of Flames

I hope this is the right check.

Diplomacy Check Results

Hours Spent

Search for the Rod of Flames

Smoke and the smell of burning residuum hangs in the air. This must be the place. From what Calro gathers Mihael must be a spell caster of some kind, possibly a spellcrafter, at the very least a collector. Several artifacts and magical items have passed through Dark Market square with Mihael being pointed to as the previous owner. Barbed pentacles, boots, masks, and cloaks of antiquity.

At least two of his customers voiced dissatisfaction. “Useless junk and baubles. Mihael is a sneak” Several others gave Calro stories of Mihael’s excellent handiwork, “It was amazing, I put this here bandana on, all of a sudden I can float!” Rumors were a mixed bunch concerning the halfling, but everyone knew where Mihael spent most his time.

In the eastern arcade of the north gate district wooden barricades and canvassed walls stretch the gaps between a series of ancient stone pillars spaced every thirty feet apart. Before Calro lies a tent that utilizes several stone pillars in such a manner. A barbed pentacles, the symbol of the Order of Vulgrael is emblazoned in crude paintwork across the entire structure. A hooded figure, about four feet tall sits in front what appears to be the entrance, a wooden gate reinforced with rusting steel.

Somewhere in this structure, this crude temple to an obscure godling is the priest Mihael, servant of Vulgrael. What do you do?

Search for the Rod of Flames

Calro becomes cautious and contemplates what he will do. He is given a lead to more power but he wonders what awaits him beyond the rusted gate. A few minutes pass and he has decided he will proceed to achieve his goal. Calro approaches the hooded figure but with the most caution.

Calro: “You there! My name is Calro, I come from House Sargon. I’m searching for the priest Mihael. I hear he may be able to help me improve my powers. Have you seen him?”

Search for the Rod of Flames

DM: The hooded figure peers up at Calro. A deep set dark brown hood reveals a thick and scraggly white beard drowning in shadows. A mesmerizing dim light casts a silhouette upon the hooded figure’s short stature.

“House Sargon? What would an emissary from the great house want from our humble order? More power is it? Begone with you, it is late. Our brethren rests and your unannounced arrival begets our order disrespect…” His voice is rough but high. He began to speak in a skeptical tone, but it quickly took on a characteristic of mockery.

OOC: You may use skills or whatever ability you have to influence the attitude of the npc. But remember, roleplaying always trumps skill rolls!

Search for the Rod of Flames

Calro: “Ha Ha! Someone of your stature speaks bold words. You seem like someone I can get along with. What say we play a game? If I win you show me to Mihael’s room, If you win I’ll give you oh 20gp?”

Search for the Rod of Flames

DM: As Calro’s arrogance carried on, the hooded figure’s beard began to twitch. The servant of Vulgrael seemed about ready to explode. Upon mentioning such a large sum of gold, there was a moment of stillness. Drawing a large, exaggerated breath the hooded figure exhaled a hacking laughter.

“A game is it? Very well… but I shall choose the game. Are you familiar with demon dice?” The hooded figures shadowy beard arcs upward, he seems to be grinning.

Search for the Rod of Flames

Calro watches the hooded figure carefully. The sign of a grin makes him think the game “Demon Dice” is quite a dirty game. He pays close attention and doesn’t let anything get past him.

Calro: “he he Sounds fun. How do you play?”

Search for the Rod of Flames

DM: As the hooded figure starts to explain the game, he tells Calro the legend behind it. “Long ago, a village began to take shape. Nearby? A forest demon awoke and became angered. Why is my domain being torn down to make houses? He attacked. The villagers were unmatched. Aberrants? Dark creatures? They tore apart their pathetic warriors. After many weeks the villagers had lost hope. An accursed wizard appeared. Driving away the demon? He promised the villagers and entered the forest. No creature could hurt him and he reached the darkest corner unhindered. From where the demon commanded his army the wizard made a deal.”

“If the demon could beat him at a game of Demon Dice, then the villagers would leave and never come back. But if the wizard won, the demon would have to return to sleep forever.”

“Who won?” Calro asks. The hooded figure lets out a hacking laugh, but doesn’t answer your question. Instead, he hands you a die that has been carved out of rock, with scratch marks indicating the number of the die face.

OOC: To play Demon Dice, both Calro and the hooded figure each rolls a six-sided die. One die is the “Wizard” that Calro rolls, the other the “Demon” that the hooded figure rolls.
  • We each roll using invisible castly, and each time, a point is given to whoever has the higher number.
  • The first person with three points wins the game.
  • However, if the Demon rolls a 6, he curses the Wizard and the Wizard loses a point (but the Demon doesn’t get one).
  • If the Wizard rolls a 1, he charms the Demon and the Demon loses a point (and doesn’t get one for rolling higher).

Simply go to invisible castle and roll a d6 several times and post the result here, I will reply with the hooded figure’s results soon as well.

Search for the Rod of Flames

The demon rolls – 1,2,3,6,1,3,5

The wizard rolls – 1,1,6,3,5,2,2

As if under some illusionary spell of some sort, Calro begins to imagine a battle unfolding before him. First roll, the demon becomes charmed and is at negative one point. The hooded figure’s beard twitches, he scoops up his die. “hrn… beginner’s fate.” Second roll, the demon overpowers the wizard and gains a point, evening the score to nothing.

With each throw of the dice the imagery become more vivid. Third roll, the wizard confounds the demon and gains a point. The wizard is winning. Fourth roll, the demon curses the wizard who loses a point. Locked in an eternal battle, neither side has any points.

Soon Calro becomes the wizard, and the hooded man the demon. Fifth roll, the wizard through sheer will blasts the demon with a scorching ray. Calro gains a point. Sixth roll, The demon charges towards the wizard, tearing through several villagers as he does so. The demon gains a point. Seventh roll and the demon claws across Calro’s stomach gaining another point.

Calro looks down, his guts threaten to spill from his severed bowels. He sweats and the world begins to grow cold…

OOC: roll another seven set of d6 and post up the results to see how the game ends!

Search for the Rod of Flames

wizards rolls – 4,5,6,3,5,4,4. demons rolls – 1,5,4,3,5,4,6.

Calro casts cure serious wounds and his stomach quickly heals, the demon glowers and begins to charge. Quickly Calro raises a mystic shield that deflects the demons every blow. The winds of the aether picks up and a surge of power courses through Calro’s veins. A handful of residuum and a quick complex incantation stops the demon in it’s tracks. Heavily the monstrosity falls to the earth, asleep in an eternal slumber…

Calro’s mind fades to black and jarringly he awakes standing and shaking. Cold sweat clings to his skin and he stands over the body of the hooded figure, apparently asleep.

Search for the Rod of Flames

Calro looks around him and becomes aware of his surroundings. He attempts to calm himself but his body is still cold with sweat and his hands shaking. He then tries to awaken the halfling.

Calro: “Hey, wake up! What happened? We had a deal.” He shakes the halfing but gets no response. He then casts create water and splashes it over him.

Search for the Rod of Flames

Calro gains 600xp for winning at demon dice

DM: The hooded figure begins to stir. Calro draws back slightly upon smelling the faint stench of piss. He realizes how heavily soiled the hooded figures thickly layered clothes are and wonders how long it has been since he took a bath. “hrn… wha…” The hooded figure realizes he is soaked in water and appears very irritated, “you… what did you do to me? why am I soaking wet? deal? hrn… yes. well Mihael is very busy tonight. now be gone.”

Search for the Rod of Flames

Displeased Calro casts acid orb and uses his elemental power to turn it into fire. He then picks up the halfing and holds the fire orb close

Calro: “Something tells me you’re lying. If you knew he was busy we wouldn’t have played that game. Now why don’t you help me out like you promised or else.”

Search for the Rod of Flames

DM: The hooded figure flails as the fire draws near, his features can finally be discerned beneath the shadows. Pale purple skin, pocked with darkrot and ruptured veins frame milky eyes. The horrid soul appears to be blind. “Help! help me! fire, fire!!!”

For a moment it appears as though no one nearby hears the little man’s high rough voice’s pleas.

Suddenly the clang of heavy footsteps echo from high above upon metal walkways that arc across the gate districts between the ruins upper quarters. Calro hears shouts, “Fire! Quick alert the magi!”

Inside the tent Calro senses movement, he hears urgent whispers and several footfalls making haste. Quickly looking around, he does not see anyone peering directly towards the two of them.

Not much time, what do you do?

Search for the Rod of Flames

Calro cancels the spell and quickly looks around to find somewhere he can hide or escape. He fears that if he cannot escape there will be a war between the Order of Vulgrael and the House Sargon

Search for the Rod of Flames