Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

Searching For a Coven

Phae @ Quolp: “Hey Quolp, I feel as though I have much more to learn about being a witch. I once had a friend who taught me a lot, before we were forced out of town. I mean, I only just learned how to feather fall!! What have you learned so far?? Perhaps Franky could make friends with your lizard so we can share spells? I hope they get along!”

She decides to search for a coven in the area, for her only witch friend at home (Shakra) told her about the safety and acceptance which she felt as a part of one. Unfortunately she was driven away from Shakra when her community found out that Shakra was practicing witchcraft. One day she hopes to find her, as she still thinks of her as an older sister. Phae hopes to find a coven that is home to good witches, she would rather remain clueless than to consort with evil doers!


The heavyset and awkward shaman shifts a bit uncomfortably in the face of Phae’s hopeless optimism. Quolp is not one who readily seeks out others nor a conversationalist at heart. The half-orc feels more at ease when removed from the noises and babble of civilization, but owes much debt to House Sargon. He has made few acquaintances, and even fewer friends.

The primal forces that flows through Quolp’s spirit was not taught to the shaman, it was a gift, a second chance. It took some time, but he could recognize a similar force radiating from Phae. There were not many within the guild who Quolp trusted, but he perceived Phae as innocent and often naive. For sometime now, he has felt compelled to protector as long as he is able.

“Ixtl… it’s my familiar’s name.” he looks on the stone wall where a two long gray lizard clings, blinking and scanning his surroundings in search of a meal.

“Perhaps later we may exchange knowledge of the ancients. There are some tasks I am to carry out for our great house.”

Quolp scratches his temple and pauses for a moment,”We shall be back in three hours, four at the latest…. If you wish, our, uhm familiars… may, commune then!” the half orc’s last sentence fumbles as Ixtl jumps from the wall surprising Quolp as it lands on his head. The lizards tail obtrusively blocks Quolp’s vision and upsets his balance, he nearly falls while speaking the last three words.

Searching For a Coven

DM: It is early still in Gartanu, the sun is setting and the light of dusk still provides a dim light throughout the central plaza and the gate districts. On the second story of the guilder’s district, darkness becomes shifting shadows as the glow of phosphorescent fungi lamps, mage sun, and flickering torches are lit throughout the city. From a metal walkway fifteen feet above the central plaza, Phae and Quolp are about to begin their evening.

-Quolp has things to do. He is getting ready to go about completing certain tasks before returning to the guilder’s district.

-Phae was intending to search for information about any covens in the city. Such information is likely secret, at the least obscure. The skill required is Diplomacy and the DC 20. Beating the DC gives Phae a clue, for every 5 full points that the result beats the DC by additional details surface to Phae’s attention.

Searching For a Coven

Feeling bad for poor Lyreth Phae tries to remember the cure for blindness that Shakra taught her, it was so long ago that her memory is clouded., Phae thinks back to her experience with herbalism.

Searching For a Coven

@Quolp trying to hold back her laughter, “Allrighty then, I shall see you here in 4 hours.” She senses that this guy is overly tense and held back and feels as though he thinks she is stupid. At least his lizard seems to be friendly. Phae often gets along with animals more than people. She gives Franky a pat on the head. “Let’s go buddy.”

“I’ll show him.”, she thinks to herself, “I may look naive but I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. I am much more seasoned than I appear to be…”

Searching For a Coven

DM: There was a remedy for blindness that Shakra tried to teach Phae, unfortunately the recipe was complex and difficult to remember. It was not quite a cure, but it did greatly assist in the recovery of a young vagabond who stumbled into a patch of fire spores. His eyes burned as if set aflame and quickly Shakra began mixing a salve. Within minutes she applied it to the youths eyes and it cooled immediately.

-If only Phae could find a book on herbs, or another professional herbalist. She could glean additional information that could help her to remember how that recipe went!

Searching For a Coven

Phae searches for a coven. She begins in the direction of Berotuttle’s Brews. She doesn’t hear of anything that may help her. It takes and her 4 hours and she doesn’t find a single witch. Discouraged she wanders back to the guild and waits for Quolp. Perhaps she’ll have better luck tomorrow.

She prays that Desna will help her find Shakra, or at least a coven in the meantime and thanks her for all of the new spells she and Franky were blessed with. Her mind drifts off thinking of her family at home. She hopes her parents and siblings have had good luck selling boots lately, but she knows that she will not be welcomed home until she makes a good name for herself. She wonders if she could even find her way home if she tried… sighs

Searching For a Coven

Quolp returns to the guildhall visibly tired. On the way in he notices and nods at Phae and proceeds up the mezzanine. Several minutes pass before he descends the half level at ease, Ixtl casually darts from platform to support beam, and down onto the stone floor trailing Quolp’s path. “Sorry we are late! Long walk…”

OOC: Here’s the rules for sharing spells. A witch’s familiar can learn spells from another witch’s familiar. To accomplish this, the familiars must spend one hour per level of the spell being taught in communion with one another. At the end of this time, the witch whose familiar is learning a spell must make a Spellcraft check (DC 15 + spell level). If the check succeeds, the familiar has learned the spell and the witch may utilize it the next time she prepares spells. If the check fails, the familiar has failed to learn the spell and cannot try to learn that spell again until the witch has gained another rank in Spellcraft.

Most witches require a spell of equal or greater level in return for this service.

Searching For a Coven

Phae soon learns that Quolp is even more of a noob than her. She is still happy that he is willing to share spells with her.

“No need to worry about being late. It was nice to take a minute to reflect for once. Frankfurt this is Ixtl, Ixtl, Frankie. Hopefully you can teach each other something.”

OOC: Phae wants to learn Comprehend languages and will teach any other 1st level spell she has to learn this spell. Spellcraft check.

Searching For a Coven

The two familiars all into a deep trance, waves of primal energies begin to permeate their immediate surroundings. Faint whispers, at first distorted and chaotic begin to find harmony. The words are foreign, alien at times, the sounds primordial and then a symphony. For an hour the familiars face one another, unmoving, their consciousness adrift. The ritual ends almost as if it had never happened.

“Curious. I’ve only heard of primal communion from my spirit patrons. I wonder if it worked?” Frankie looks at Quolp and nods. “Curious…”

OOC: Ixtl will learn the ‘Mount’ spell from Frankie. Spellcraft DC 16 Unfortunately the communion fails…

Searching For a Coven

@Quolp, “Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me Quolp. I will put it to good use. I feel bad that you weren’t able to learn something as well. You can try again when we have a chance. I bet Frankie and Ixy are exhausted tonight tho, they’ll need their rest for our next adventure. Take care!”

Searching For a Coven