Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

Session 2

Second verse, same as the first! also met Sable.

In this week’s episode our brave adventurers return to town to recover and do some serious haggling over the value of their loot. In the process they meet up with the now very unemployed Sable, the half-elven sorcerer who decides to join them on their quest for gold and glory, or at least gold. When they later return to the goblins suspected underground lair, they encounter a couple of the goblins! Realizing, due to the quick fiery death of one of them, that they are outnumbered and out gunned, the goblins call in reinforcements in the form of their mother and the rest of their siblings. Here it was that the party’s bard realizes that while a mere look of insult can slay a rodent of unusual size, it takes a very different tact to properly affect those of the goblin persuasion. However, in the end the diminutive green creatures were demoralized and routed, fleeing behind a summoned cloud of smoke. The party chose to not pursue as Steven had been injured and was no longer functioning quite right. This is apparently a regular occurrence for him. Once the smoke had cleared, and Steven was loaded with the deceased goblins, our adventurers continued into the depths of the lair. It was in the next room that catastrophe struck in the form of an overcurious teifling. The party learned that one should not touch yellow mold covered books with anything less than a 10’ pole. After a significant amount of healing to put coughed up lungs back in their place and some time cleaning snot off the teifling’s horns, they decided they should just go back to the inn and recover. However their path was blocked by a group of scary looking skeletons! Dun-Dun-DUN…. <fade-to-black> Will our overly adventurous band of adventurers make it out alive? Will they sell or instead find some sneaky use for the Secret Page ritual scroll they found? Stay tuned next week for No-Heroes, Episode 3! Same goblin channel, possibly a different goblin time as late nights don’t work for the gnome/warforged and we can start earlier on mondays or wednesdays, whichever doesn’t interfere with the teifling’s other game… to be announced!

Oh, btw… a slight retcon here: S’Bellis Cuthalion actually introduced himself as Sable, a name given by the innkeeper since he couldn’t pronounce the obviously foreign sounding name. And he’s got black hair anyway, so it fits. Anyone with a passive insight of 10 or better can tell that sable’s not really from around these parts…



I likes it.

Thanks for the update – I’ll know what I’m getting into next week when we start up again (earlier).


Session 2

Nice, great job on the recap!

Session 2