Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

Session #5


So yea, we might not have all actually died, but the ones who didn’t now WISH they had. I’ll let each of you describe all that. All the characters are getting retired one way or another, that’s what’s important.

The other thing that is important is that I’ll be game mastering starting next week. I think it would be best if everyone transfered ownership of their old characters to Mike and posted their new characters to the new OP campaign, as found at the link at the bottom, using the same rules as before but you can use point buy as we discussed at the end of session 5. Mike, I think, has posted what your base starting XP should be. What you get on the origin dice will be in addition to that. I’d like the characters to know each other as part of an adventuring company that has recently moved into town after having met up in Urthos. I’ll let you all figure out what your backgrounds are and how you met. I’ll be assigning homework after each session. (this week’s is just to make a new character) I award bonuses for extra credit. I know some of you will be busy with school and such and I’ll take that into account when assigning a “grade” :)-

I think it would be cool if I was given assignments and rewards as well, such that when I jump back in as a player and create a new character as you are doing now, that character will be given XP to keep up with your characters.

And so it begins: No Heroes – Chapter Two


So… not the standard point buy? -Vz

Session #5

Should the standard point buy be out, I’ve rolled up stats. Charisma means I can be a striker (sorcerer), defender (paladin) or leader (bard), depending on what everybody else wants to play. I’d be happy to roll a bard, though! Vicious mockery, take two.

Session #5

Kase and I are going off island on vacation next week and between getting ready, having a family reunion when we get back from the mainland, and starting up summer school I don’t think we will have enough time to host or play dnd for a few weeks at least.

Jon is available to game master and will be running his own campaign, possibly one set in the same world as No Heroes but that is up to him to decide.

Session #5

So, no DnD for… three weeks? Let me know – I’ll be off island from March 7-18. Vz

Session #5

Hm, possibly I guess, me and kase are off island from the 13th til the 23rd. I have a lot of things I have to get done before then, and kase has a lot of end of semester stuff to finish up before we leave, then when we get back she starts up her teaching program that week so May is looking kind of busy for us now that I really think about it…

Session #5

VZ: you’ll be off island “March” 7-18? You mean May? And point buy is fine. I’d forgotten about that discussion when I was making my posts last night when I should have been sleeping… :)

I’ll build a calendar at over at Chapter Two

Session #5

Ah yes, May indeed! I R SMRT. Apparently I should have been sleep. At 8 AM. Go figure.

Let me know if/when we’ll continue playing. I’m all for it, though my schedule is rather restrictive. -Vz

Session #5

Well, I rolled up my character after D&D with Mikes “adventurous” method and came out with a, second level Warden longtooth shifter… I’d put him up on the new adventure space but I think I need to be invited to it first… also if Mikes method isn’t kosher I can whip something up with point buy… just let me know. _

Session #5

warden longtooth shifter… Yay for the weird stuff. Drat you, now I have to go isohunt phb2 to read up and find out what they are… :)

Session #5

Oh, just to be clear, the new character starts with half the xp of your previous character plus whatever they roll up with origin dice.

Session #5

yup you can find the totals in the treasure & xp section on the wiki page. To recap the following players begin with the following bonus xp:

Kasey – 482xp

Danielle – 620xp

John – 565xp

Ryan – 92xp

Session #5

@ John

I’ve been thinking also about what you said about being able to gain extra xp for your pc when you begin playing again by doing homework. I have an idea on how to keep this simple.

The idea is to take all of the players bonus xp totals and find the average. For Gming you get a bonus xp reward equal the average(rounded down as always). You can always find a players bonus xp by taking their characters current xp dividing it in half and rounding down.

So as it stands the totals look like this:

Kasey – 482xp Danielle – 620xp John – 565xp Ryan – 92xp

That’s 1759 total bonus xp altogether. The current player xp bonus average is 439.

Add myself as a player and the average becomes 351. So under this method my bonus xp for DMing would be 351xp.

What do you think? Does this sound fair to everybody?

Session #5

Poor Ryan… :)

Session #5

Urg, I just realized I didn’t take ryan’s bonus xp from retiring steven into account, his xp bonus is actually higher than that. I will make the adjustments in the treasure & xp doc soon.

Session #5

One thing that occurs to me, what if we’ve got two games going simultaneously? The GM getting experience for his character in the other game because of GMing doesn’t make sense anymore… of course, it’s after midnight so I should probably be sleeping instead of posting… things always seem to work better when I post earlier in the evening… :)

Session #5

I think it should be that you don’t get your bonus xp for GMing until the chapter comes to an end andthe GM bonus only applies to the next character you roll up. This way there is no sudden xp spikes if you end up playing in another campaign.

Do at the end of a chapter tally out the xp rewarded to all players during the chapter, divide it by all the players you’ve had play in your campaign to find the average xp rewarded and you get half that total as your GM bonus.

Session #5

I think my big concern with having multiple dms is handling characters hopping from one campaign to another without some mega hand waiving.

The simplest solution is to have a portal linking the two towns. I’m in favor of this as it’s simple and easy to implement. Portals are a rarity in this campaign however and perhaps this is why Entioch has thrived lately. The creation of a portal could have been recent and doesn’t require retconning since the town hasn’t fully been explored yet.

One restriction I think is that the portal should be guarded and possibly impose a tax for carrying large goods through, along with requiring the players to check in with the law for ids possibly. This is part of the towns defense against invaders.

Any ideas to add anyone?

Session #5

Another concern is a reason for the adventurers to adventure. Here is the big solution: player’s all belong to the same adventuring company. It is based in Entioch but they also have an establishment in Urthos. So if you are playing in John’s campaign, you are from the Urthos establishment, in my campaign you are in the Entioch establishment. You can freely go between both on adventuring related business and this gives a good reason for the adventurers to be adventuring together.

I think chapter 2 should also take place one year after chapter 1. This way I can move the timeline forward. I think Steven’s been a busy bee in that one year since the last game. Expect to see him return in Chapter 3 for sure.

Session #5

Haha, I love Steven.

And I love xp. Thanks for catching that!


Session #5