Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

Training Kobalds

After his loss of his two mules and his dog Calro becomes furious with the goblins. He wants more power now then ever. He unpacks everything and thinks of how to acquire this power. He cannot go back to searching for Mihael because of the incident two days ago. He then realizes he has Kobalds that he can train to become allies on the battlefield. He decides to begin the training and tries to befriend them.

(Let me know if this can be done. I was thinking of having them fight with me and such.)


Also looked into it. What color Kobald are they. Each color has it’s own specials so yea.

Training Kobalds

DM: The dragonspawn(kobolds) are unresponsive to the common tongue, their’s being a language both primal and ancient. What sounds like shrills, deep squeaks, and hisses are combined in complex and intricately emoted communication. Calro begins to contemplate their potential as battle allies. He can sense that it may be a possibility, but a very long and difficult process lies ahead.

OOC: Green scaled dragonspawns, typically found in forested areas. They have a +4 bonus to stealth checks in forest terrain. They are in captivity and not very happy about it. They are considered hostile and will take some time to either break, or to gain their trust.

The applicable skills and DCs vary depending on exactly how you want to go about it. There are also knowledge checks you can use, but you need to ask a question along with it. Looking at your skill list, you are trained in religion and arcana. Be specific on what you want to know, and what you want to do.

I’ll call for any needed skill rolls based on you character’s actions. Remember that you only need to roll if there is an element of risk and/or error involved. No risk means it will probably work as intended and you can go ahead and describe the action.

Also, how many kobolds did you capture, and how are you keeping them captive? I’ll check online tomorrow after work and respond then.

Training Kobalds

Calro is skilled in a few languages but sadly Draconic is not one of them. He then remembers that Phae was able to communicate with them so he prepares to search for her but remembers that the Kobalds have not eaten or drunk anything so he grabs 2 rations from his cart, opens them, and places them on some boxes so it’s convenient for the Kobalds. Then he finds 2 Bowls in which he casts create water in and places them beside the rations. He then asks someone in the guild he can trust to watch over them and not to harm them.

OOC: You have 3, Phae has 1, and I have 2. They are tied with their hands behind them and a few wraps on their arms so use of hands is not available. Also their feet have a chain like tie (Like a prisoner from movies) to them so they have use of their legs but it’s very limited. This is all happening on my Cart because I figure if there is a slave cage or something of that sort it would be full and uncomfortable.

Training Kobalds

DM: One of Xyoen’s followers agrees to watch over the dragonspawn. Calro sets out in search of Phae, whom he finds after an hour of asking around, in the south gate district, at Berotuttle’s Brews.

Dusk has barely settled but many of the patrons have quickly become inebriated. Upon arrival it sounds like a fight is about to occur between two rival guilders. Calro sees Phae on one end, the other are an acolyte of the order of Vulgrael. They have not seen Calro just yet, a crowd has gathered around them.

Training Kobalds

Calro quickly pulls up his hood so he cannot be identified and hastily walks over to Phae and whispers to her.

Calro: “Let’s not start a fight, It could cause us problems.”

He then prepares his spell Acid Splash under his robe in case things turn out bad. Trigger: Hostile movement towards Phae or Calro

Training Kobalds