Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

Session 1

Started a new campaign this week titled ‘No Heroes’

Four adventurers origins became known through the adventurous method of character creation. The starting characters are:

Steven, Warforged(gnome) Warlock. Str 13, Con 18, Dex 13, Int 9, Wis 12, Cha 4. Begins the adventure with 135 gold, 300 XP, a new language, and +1 misc. bonus to any two untrained skills. Origin: A gnome captured by illithids and subjected to horrible experimentation. Sometime between being captured and escaping his consciousness(brain) was transferred into a power suit and he made a pact with a demon or devil. He ended up in a strange land and lived a life of luxury. All things came to an end but he learned from the experience.

Augie, Longtooth Shifter Ranger. Str 17, Con 14, Dex 11, Int 10, Wis 16, and Cha 6. Begins the adventure with 30 gold and 1015 XP. Origin: Got lost in the underdark and lived there for many years, ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and met steven while in the gutters.

Battingu. Tiefling Bard. Str 8, Con 8, Dex 12, Int 16, Wis 9, Cha 16. Begins the adventure with 415 gold, 430 XP, +1 misc. bonus to any one class skill, a new language, and +1 misc. bonus to any two untrained skills. Origin: Sings tales of kicking ass and tricking dragons. Claims to have bested a dragon and has the gold as proof.

Shalai, Shadar-Kai Swordmage. Str 10, Con 14, Dex 5, Int 14, Wis 8, and Cha 9. Begins the adventure with 190 gold and 220 XP. Origin: Came from a small nomadic camp and started off young and on a dare by hunting a vampire that was causing her people trouble. She tried to kill the vampire and failed and got lost trying to escape. She became injured but survived and learned a hard lesson.

The session starts off at the entrance of a ruined monastery.

A group of goblin bandits have been harassing the local townspeople and there is now a sizable bounty upon their heads. 10 gold for each goblin captured dead or alive. They must be brought back into town in order to collect the bounty.

The party pics up on a few rumors while gearing up for the hunt and decided this was the most likely spot for the bandits to hideout.

XP & Treasure

As a whole the part earned 46 XP each and found two antique candle holders in decent condition and a wooden carved statue of St. Gaxyg weighing as much as two bags of rice (20 lbs.)

They ended the session beneath the ruins of the old monastery.


Session 2
Second verse, same as the first! also met Sable.

In this week’s episode our brave adventurers return to town to recover and do some serious haggling over the value of their loot.

Session #3

Dear Diary,

I, Akmenos Surrelion IX, have fallen in with a rather scraggly band of adventurers. We met in a dungeon through which Ingo, Blotter, Jenna and your’s truly were crawling. We (and by “we” I mean everybody but me) were being chased by goblins (I just happened to want the treasure that was in the direction OTHER than the goblins). We came upon another group of adventurers who were running from skeletons, the vile creatures.

You should have seen me, diary! I flung fire like it was going out of style… even though it’s not. Sword blazing, I fought on even though Blotter was skewered by the goblins and Ingo, in his grief, left our group of Antioch. He never was much of an adventurer.

Jenna and I, however, were pleased to find that the other group of adventurers were hiring. We returned to Antioch, got rid of the odd rust man, and sold off some dead goblin bodies. 50 gold was our take, split evenly amongst the five of us. As the pay is good, we plan on returning to the goblin stronghold tomorrow to, ahem, collect.

This new group, and this new gold, will serve me well in the weeks to come, as I learn and prepare for the re-emergence of Bael Turath!

Until then, diary… Akmenos Surrelion IX

Session #4

The real 4th session:

The adventuring party headed out for some exploration. The Hermit Cave was… occupied. And the “Thick, Dark Forest” is guarded… stupid crossbows. At least we took some of them out, so the trip wasn’t entirely unprofitable.


So, what did I miss? - Sable

Nothing hahaha! We postponed til next week. - DM Mike

Excellent, I was having trouble coming up with an adequate excuse for Jenna and I not going on the adventure other than spending the time in the hay loft together…—Sable

Heh, that was actually going to be the excuse that I was going to use. - DM Mike

Session #5

So yea, we might not have all actually died, but the ones who didn’t now WISH they had. I’ll let each of you describe all that. All the characters are getting retired one way or another, that’s what’s important.

The other thing that is important is that I’ll be game mastering starting next week. I think it would be best if everyone transfered ownership of their old characters to Mike and posted their new characters to the new OP campaign, as found at the link at the bottom, using the same rules as before but you can use point buy as we discussed at the end of session 5. Mike, I think, has posted what your base starting XP should be. What you get on the origin dice will be in addition to that. I’d like the characters to know each other as part of an adventuring company that has recently moved into town after having met up in Urthos. I’ll let you all figure out what your backgrounds are and how you met. I’ll be assigning homework after each session. (this week’s is just to make a new character) I award bonuses for extra credit. I know some of you will be busy with school and such and I’ll take that into account when assigning a “grade” :)-

I think it would be cool if I was given assignments and rewards as well, such that when I jump back in as a player and create a new character as you are doing now, that character will be given XP to keep up with your characters.

And so it begins: No Heroes – Chapter Two

Battinggu's Mental Diary

Akmenos is dead.

He was lucky.

Not sure exactly what happened to the rest… I’m sure Jana faired the best… bitch.

Thought I heard Shalai sceaming a few hours ago… not sure… head still hurts… hopefully Shalai will come back to save me… I doubt the others would…

Toads keep staring at me with cold dead looking eyes… I hate them… They almost never blink.

At least when I was captured by the dragon she gave me a warm, dry cage to sleep in… everything here is moist… and I didn’t need to wear bells on my horns…

ugh… the big red warty one is back… his breath smells… he wants me to dance…

If no one comes back to rescue me all I can do is wait & hope some other adventurers sumble in and give me a chance to excape… till then I just need to watch & wait for my opportunity…

* Battinggu cries himself to sleep


Diary of a dead Shadar-kai

Too many damn toads. Then the goblins came. I escaped and tried to go back to save Battingou. Damn, it just didn’t feel right. Promised I’d come back later. Running back to town. More f*ing toads. Too many. Unconscious. Face of the frog man. Raven Queen’s hand reaches to me and I take it. Sorry Battingou.

About Ancient Irthos

A year ago I ran a campaign called No Heroes using the Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition rules set. It was a lot of fun but real life happens and the campaign dissolved. The previous adventure logs are from that campaign and the upcoming Ancient Irthos campaign is based on the same setting. There are a few changes but much of the original material that went unplayed is remaining the same. In spirit Ancient Irthos is a continuation of No Heroes.

For this campaign I’m switching to the Pathfinder RPG rules set which is based on D&D 3rd edition. The rules are available for free online over at D20pfsrd .

Games are scheduled for every other Friday and in game the player characters must begin and end in the safety of civilization during the game session. The reason being so that whoever shows up can play without having to figure out continuity and logistical problems, and also so that players can move the story forward online at their own pace as well.

The adventure log can be used by anyone as long as posts are all In Character and Non Combat related. Gear up, seek adventure, and explore the world online and in between games. Some ideas:

  • Interact with npcs to gather information, make contacts, or just to learn more about the world.
  • Keep a journal of your player character’s exploits.
  • Buy/Sell equipment or craft items.
  • Go on a personal quest. Collaborate with the DM to further your characters story.
First Characters
Generate your ability scores, starting wealth, and origin and post up your results here

Use the comments section in this adventure log to record the results for your character’s ability scores, starting wealth, and origin dice rolls.

For ability scores you can either roll 3d6, or just pick a set from the list of ability scores found in the character creation entry. Your character’s starting wealth is randomly generated based on your class. Character backgrounds are generated by rolling six sided dice on either one or two of the tables which can be found here . You may end up with extra starting gold, experience, skill bonuses, and maybe even some equipment.

Lastly you can include whatever details you want to about your character below. We’re going on an honor system here so feel free to roll the dice at home!

Ancient Irthos: Session 1
Campaign begins March 26, 2010

You arrive as part of the first wave of guilders, adventurers, nobles, and soldiers to a fledgling colony built up from the remnants of a fallen city under siege by the undead.

The tiered structures of the abandoned city of Entioch were still mostly intact, but have been reclaimed by the wild, and beaten by the near constant downpour that this region is known for. Densely packed trees as tall as the ruined buildings and complexes, along with the thick over growth made the humid shores of Terruizeng feel like nothing compared to the murky streams and steaming swamp like conditions present in these ruins.

Behind the temporary safety of the fortified colony, the new arrivals begin to make their plans. The original colonists of House Asendo were none too happy about requiring aid from their rival houses and the division and tension between is tolerated. For now action is required, the undead threat is rumored to have been unleashed while exploring the ruins and is said to have been growing quickly as time passes. The source of these unholy creatures must be found and destroyed.

We are meeting up on Friday March 26 4pm over the wailua hale. The game begins @5pm.

We have a full party of 5 adventurers signed up! Kase, Logan, Skyler, Jon, and Amy. If anyone else is interested I think I could handle one more player, just send me a message.