Shalai is a Shadar-kai from a nomadic tribe.


Shalai comes from a nomadic tribe of shadowborn humans, halflings, teiflings, dwarves and Shadar Kai known as the Wireworn warriors. The Wireworn were originally from Gloomwrought but they left the Shadowfell decades ago. Ages ago a cult of vampires who worshiped Orcus crossed the Abyss into the Shadowfell with orders to attack the Raven Queen. They arrived in Gloomwrought and a 5 year war ensued but eventually they were banished to live in the realm that our game takes place in and all portals to that realm became heavily guarded, waiting for the vampires return.

Eventually Prince Rolan became aware that the vampire clan known as the Cithbaend was trying to open up a new portal within their new realm so that they could get through unhindered to kill the Raven Queen so he sent the Wireworn tribe after the vampires and they were told not to return until all of the vampires were under control or killed. This turned out to be a difficult feat as they were outnumbered and the vampires were scattered throughout the land so after 50 years the tribe is still in pursuit of the vampires. Shalai was born in the new realm and has never been to the Shadowfell. Rumor has it that if they are able to defeat the leader of the Cithbaend vampires, known as the Baron, that the rest of the vampires would be forced to surrender however nobody has ever been able to locate the position of the Baron.


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