Gnome in a 'Forged. Might be a 'Forged who thinks he's a gnome. We'll see.


Infernal Pact Warlock, since we rolled stats and only Con came out above 13. Working toward a multi-class with fighter to pick up Iron Vanguard for added survivability and stepping on goblins as a move action.


Steven is the result of horrible Illithid experiments gone horribly wrong. Illithids apparently want to raise an army to conquer the surface (who knew), but gnomes do not good soldiers make. Enter the Illithid Consciousness Transference Program. Illithids take puny gnomes (or golbins or kobolds or what have you) and transfer their consciousness into magically living constructs to make superior soldiers.

Steven was the prototype for this program, but did not really want to conquer the surface. He made a pact with a minor demon, in order acquire the power to escape. And escape he did. And get lost. And wonder the Underdark aimlessly for a long time, until a slightly less lost Shifter found him and took him home.


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