Beastmaster ranger (Wolf companion)


Augie is a ranger more by necessity than choice. He was stranded in the Underdark for years when he came across his hyena companion, Ed. When he finally emerged from the depths, he was unaccustomed to civilized life and ended up penniless in the gutters. Called Augie by the townspeople due to his odd mumbling speech, he can’t remember much of life before the darkness.

Augie is terrible with social interactions, communicating in almost grunts and only when necessary. He prefers the companionship of Ed and the two of them seem to be able to understand each other perfectly. He likes to be out front scouting, partially because he excels at it, and partially because he tires of human interaction so quickly. He seems to be fearless underground and in the dark, but it’s only because he’s seen what lurks in the depths and accepts it as inevitable.


Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc Santo