Kionda Asendo

Halfling noble youth, famed fighter, founder of Gartanu, and champion of House Asendo. Currently missing.


Kionda Asendo was the favored son of House Asendo. Ten years ago he led the initial expedition to the ruins of Entioc and gained much wealth and prestige amongst his halfling kin when he recovered evidence of the lost tomes of Telio, rumored to contain the secrets of transversing the realms, in the form of a single well preserved volume.

From the tome, the mystics of the great house gained enough insights into the multiverse and it’s fundamental and transitive planes to develop powerful rituals that pierced the planar veils. The shadow portals used by the rulers of Terruizeng to quickly mobilize their armed forces are a result of this achievement.

It was Kionda who also led the colonization of Entioch. In less than a year with the aid of his followers and companions they had crossed the Onesu mountain range and established an outpost on the northeastern edge of the fallen city. In less than a year Kionda disappeared.

Kionda Asendo

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