Lyreth Auvrundlin

A summoner, who travels with his eidolon Zohrell. Training their abilities, and looking for a new life.


Background: Lyreth lived in an elven community situated within one of the towns of Irthos. He worked as a manager for the community’s library. This meant most of his days past uneventfully. His only true friends were a girl named Azaro, a druid, and his wife Kyor. Their community had been plagued by the undead for a week when a pair of travelers heard of their plight; a druid named Clionna, and a wizard named Ricbrun.

The travelers agreed to help eradicate the undead. That night Lyreth, Azaro, and Kyor wandered off as usual to watch the night sky. Overhearing a battle, Lyreth and Kyor went to go investigate. They watched as the travelers finished off a small group of undead. Even more curious, they followed further.

Suddenly Lyreth heard Kyor scream in pain as the blade of a skeletal gaurd pierced her chest. Blinded by rage Lyreth grabbed a nearby tree branch and knocked the skeletons head off. Unfortunately it seemed only slightly irratated. As he readied himself to smash the skeleton to pieces, a bear ripped it apart. Ricbrun was right behind it. Lyreth removed the skeleton’s rapier from his wife’s dead body, and vowed to gain new strength. Upon reaching the town, Lyreth buried his wife’s body.

After a week, the undead had been eradicated. So Ricbrun and Clionna decided to leave the community to go seek more work. With his wife dead Lyreth decided to follow Ricbrun and Clionna. Azaro did not want to leave Lyreth after the death of Kyor, and came along as well. On their way to Gartanu they were attacked by a group of monsters. The fight quickly escalated. A creature resembling an algoid tried to sneak up on Azaro, but Lyreth intercepted it. However he was thrown aside, and dragged away. After awhile, he gained consciousness, and managed to free himself from the creature’s grasp.

Burning with the desire to live, Lyreth managed to pull open a portal. He was surprised to see a creature he had never even read about. Similar to a wolf, but it seemed as though it came from another world. As they tried to find their way to Gartanu, Lyreth realized he had summoned forth an eidolon. When they arrived, he named it Zohrell. Confused and feeling a bit out of place, Lyreth decided he would travel, training himself and Zohrell.

Lyreth Auvrundlin

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