Zarrafel "Zip" Luferion

Fast of mind and body, Zip thinks quickly but not thoroughly.


Lvl 2 Alchemist

str:10, dex:18, con:10, int:18, wis:10, cha:10

hp: 16, AC: 16, flat:12, touch:14, fort:3, ref:7, will:0

skills: Acrobatics +6, Appraise +8, Craft (Alchemy) +11, Craft (Weapon) +9, Disable Device +8, Knowledge Arcana +8, Perception +7, Sleigh of Hand +8, Spellcraft +8, Stealth +7, Use Magic Device +5

bomb: +7, 1d6+5 fire (6 splash) dagger (melee): +1, 1d4 dagger (thrown): +5, 1d4 light crossbow: +5, 1d8

Leather armor

origin dice: 1: 8; +1 misc. to any one skill ON class list 2: 7; 45 gold, 100 xp 3: 10; 84 gold, 220 xp 4: 6; +1 misc. to any one skill NOT class list 5: 7; 40 gold, 110 xp 6: 5; 18 gold, 40 xp ////+187 gold, +470 xp////

starting wealth: 1: 6 (60) 2: 1 (70) 3: 4 (110)


-Appearance and mannerisms: Zip posses all the otherworldly beauty common to his race, bearing the pointed ears, slender build, extra height and large, tilted eyes with ease. Zip’s disheveled appearance, mannerisms, and smell, however, make him less appealing than he might otherwise be. Zip’s short and blonde hair looks out of place on an elf, and sticks up at odd angles with some spots, particularly near his face, singed and blackened at the tips as though burned. Zip is incredibly quick of body and mind, even for an elf, but lacks the famed elven grace his kind are known for. Zip’s movement is fast to the point of being jerky and abrupt, and he waves his arms wildly when excited. Being over six feet tall only exaggerates the motions. Zip also speaks quickly and has to remind himself to speak more slowly for the “slow folk” he finds himself surrounded by. He usually smells of sulfur, ammonia, and/or licorice.

-Backgound: Zip is bright, but did poorly in the only wizard’s academy in his home region. He could never cast a spell, possibly due to possesing the attention span of a squirrel. He excelled, however, in his alchemy class – mostly in his ability to combine nearly anything to the same effect: blowing things up (hence, the singed hair). After a particularly successful experiment, Zip was thrown out of the school. Ego bruised, but undetered, Zip set off to learn from the school of living. He has been traveling the world for the last ten years simply practicing his craft. Thinking that he may find his place in the world in the ruins of Entioch, Zip has come to the guild hall in Gartanu seeking his fortune.

Zarrafel "Zip" Luferion

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