Constructs, Labor

Standing seven feet high, and weighing nearly 500 pounds, these steel constructs are built for manual labor.


Comparitively light weight and able to perform simple mundane tasks such as lifting, carrying, and on more advanced constructs processing items.

  • Labor constructs are CR 2 humanoid constructs.
  • A working labor construct is worth 15,000gp. If sold through the guild the players may reap a fifth of that(3,000gp) as their share. A damaged construct is only worth a quarter of it’s original value(3,750gp; 750gp when sold through the guild).
  • A labor construct is composed of 500lbs. of steel, smelted with rare tinctures costing 1,000gp.
  • Techniques for creating a new construct is currently unknown, though rumors persist that ancient manuals detailing such instructions may be recoverd in the ruins.
  • A damaged labor construct may be repaired with a Craft(armor) or Craft(weapon) check with a DC of 17. It costs 200gp worth of raw material in order to fix a construct.
  • A Craft skill check must be made for each day of repair work to determine the progress. On a successful craft check, the result x DC(17) divided by seven rounded up determines the progress made in sp.
  • In order to repair a construct a total of 2,000sp must be made in progress.

Constructs, Labor

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