Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

Ancient Irthos: Session 1 rescheduled
Friday, April 2nd 2010. 5:30pm @ the wailua hale

If everyone shows up we have 7 players(open to more players as long as I’m given advanced notice, curious as to how much exactly is too much) which could be hectic, especially since this is my first run with the Pathfinder rules set.

Plan for a 4 hour game(with short breaks here and there) ending at 10:30pm and bring some food/drinks to share if possible.

Since it’s a new rules set we’ll try to make snap judgments on the fly and focus on keeping the game rolling. Mistakes are inevitable but I’m sure we’ll be able to make the best of it.

Please have your character ready before the game begins. Feel free to bring your laptop/netbook, notebooks, and pencils, basically whatever you use to keep track of your character sheet or access the rules. If you have any questions about your character the best way to contact me is on this site(I lost my phone again).

See you guys on Friday!

Irthos - Session 1 - A beginning

Participants: Jan, Jebwick, Eric, Sevearn, (the summoner), (The Oracle), (The Witch)

Today we made our first reconnaissance expedition out into the wilderness of Entioc. Out of Gartanu, about a quarter mile along one of the many bridges that are said to connect all of Entioc like roads, we found another of the tiered structures similar to Gartanu. This one, however seemed to be inhabited by wild beasts reminiscent of overgrown lobsters. I’m told they are called Cave Fishers. Eric did a fine job of exterminating the pest and we did a little exploring of the building before we decided to head back to the safety of our Company Hall in Gartanu. Other than that, the trip was, although wet and miserable, entirely uneventful. We’ll have to head out again soon and do more exploring. There’s bound to be fantastic pieces of history around the corner if we just can get a chance to look.

The Founding of the Fledgling Colony of Gartanu
common knowledge and rumors

Kionda Asendo was the favored son of House Asendo. Ten years ago he led the initial expedition to the ruins of Entioc and gained much wealth and prestige amongst his halfling kin when he recovered evidence of the lost tomes of Telio, rumored to contain the secrets of transversing the realms, in the form of a single well preserved volume.

From the tome, the mystics of the great house gained enough insights into the multiverse and it’s fundamental and transitive planes to develop powerful rituals that pierced the planar veils. The shadow portals used by the rulers of Terruizeng to quickly mobilize their armed forces are a result of this achievement.

It was Kionda who also led the colonization of Entioch. In less than a year with the aid of his followers and companions they had crossed the Onesu mountain range and established an outpost on the northeastern edge of the fallen city. In less than a year Kionda disappeared.

Session 1: XP, Loot and Reputation

Thanks to everyone that made it to the first game session of the Ancient Irthos campaign. As promised the xp rewards can be found here

The next game session is tentatively scheduled for Friday, April 30th 5:30 pm the wailua hale.

I’m also interested in running some online game sessions, possibly a bi-weekly thing. I will be posting any dates/times that I am available tomorrow night.

Session 1.5: Debrief and Plan

OOC: So when are we getting together next? This should be the deadline for figuring out what we want to do for an adventure. Edit this page when new information is available. Also, everyone edit this page for your character’s portion of the IC description.

IC: Jebwick and crew are recovering from their trip into the wilds of Entioc. Gathered in their guild quarters common room, they relax and exchange stories of what happened from each of their perspectives. Jebwick smokes his pipe and talks about how he hardly even realized anything was happening except that everyone ran off leaving him to deal with the wagons in the rain. “Probably better that way actually. If I had come face to face with one of those monsters I’d have needed to change my pants.” he says while looking at the oracle playing with his hollowed out cave fisher claw, snapping it at Eric, taunting him. “Heck, without Eric with us, we very well might have not made it back here at all!” He raises his mug of mead in salute.

“So when are we going back out there and what do we hope to accomplish this time? I’ve gotten a couple of supplies I was lacking for doing a proper map of things this time. Although, with that mist, it’ll be tough doing the surveying properly.”

Session 2: Southgate, I choose you!

After much pointless deliberation I finally convinced the group of guilders that were interested in heading out today to come with me to the southgate and continue exploring the building where we’d cleared out some cave fishers. I really wanted to get that all measured and mapped out properly. I modified one of the wheels on my carriage to measure the distance we traveled. I think that is a great invention that will eventually be put on all carriages. Just imagine being able to easily look and see such information as how long you’ve been riding for the day or how many miles you’ve been using the same set of wheels and do they need to be replaced yet? Great potential. But I digress.

Sevearn felt too exhausted after yesterday’s activities to drive my carriage today. She felt since I was only heading out to take measurements and Erik was coming that I’d do fine on my own. Getting wet from the rain and mist didn’t seem to bother me as much as it did yesterday. I guess I was just too excited from having my first taste of battle and adventure yesterday slaying the cave fishers to notice such inconsequential things as the weather. I think I am really going to enjoy this.

So, it was left to Erik, Lyreth and companion, Jan, Phae, Calro and I returning to the southgate. Oh, and “Zip” finished getting his initial work done with his alchemy lab back at the guild hall so he decided to join us. I’m glad he did. His explosives were quite impressive.

When we got to the Temple (as I’d discovered it must be from some research I did in Gilgrol the Wizard’s mobile library) we discovered we were a bit hasty in our conclusion that the cave fishers were the primary occupant. A very upset gargoyle accosted us and claimed we’d killed its pets. We may live in very liberal times, what with the dwarves living on the surface and orc halfbreeds living in harmony with the other races, but I don’t think fearsome monsters like gargoyles really have the kind of right to lay claim to such historical monuments as these. Between Zip’s bombs and Erik doing a flying leap right off the side of the bridgeway, the gargoyle didn’t stand a chance.

We quickly moved on to exploring the interior of the temple. We didn’t get very far before we came across a nest of giant centipedes. Disgusting creatures. Again, Zip and Eric dispatched them. The rest of us did our part as well. I even got one of them with a dart… I don’t think it did much more than distract it so Erik could cleave it in half.

Through the centipede nest we went down some stairs and into another room where we discovered some long forgotten automatons still futilely trying to follow their instructions of manufacturing extra parts for their repair. Zip and I managed to shut them down, a mercy really, we loaded them up on the wagons to take back to Gartanu. I think we might be able to repair one or two of them. They really are just fascinating constructs.

We had just finished with loading when Zohrell sensed an aproching storm and we felt it would be best to get back to the safety of Gartanu for the rest of the day. After checking in on my sister to see if she was feeling better, I spent the evening visiting with Gilgrol and reading through a few books. I hope the storm passes soon and we can make another trip out in the next few days.

End of Day Two
Upon returning to Gartanu

DM: The sun sets as the party returns to the safety of the colony’s fortified walls. In the central plaza the lanes and streets between the makeshift shelters and tents are choked with other returnees that also ventured out for the day. Soon night will come and with it the restless dead.

As routine the Terruizengan abjurers set about the task of warding the outer grounds during the twilight and eventually sealing all gateways with arcane glyphs and runes of protection. The gates never open once the sun goes down.

Upon arriving at the guildhall Xyoen orders the henchmen to unload and secure the carts and draft beasts. “Ah friends, a timely arrival! The others are already inside and supper has been prepared. Come in, come in. We have some important matters to discuss tonight.” Xyoen assigns three henchmen with the task of bringing fresh clothes and maintaining your party’s equipment before excusing himself and heading off towards the central plaza.

A short time later and the henchmen leads you all into the common area where smells of roasted boar and vegepygmy stew fills the air. The other guilders are already eating and regaling tales of the day:

One party consisting of the dwarven noble Oquet; the halfling warrior Sach; a human mystic Boern; and the shifter druid Hearb ventured over the bridge to the west in search of the shadow malignancy, they did not get very far before coming upon the ruins of a small ramshackle settlement.

  • ”...haunts spooked Majehluhn, the crazy bastard ran off into the woods. We tried to catch him but he disappeared!”
  • ”...strangest thing, the whole tower was empty, but it was obvious there must’ve been four, maybe five dozen folk living there for years. They couldn’t have left more than a few days past…”
  • ”...the shadows kept shifting, nobody else would believe me then that short fella started speaking gibberish before sprinting off…”

A second party, this one led by the renowned ranger Falsias and his followers of battered looking warriors and scouts headed north acting upon rumors of the mad wizard’s ancient hoard. Only half their numbers returned.

  • “nothing but draconic spawn and little blue demon born out there. shifty little runts barely half my height.”
  • “it’s not those infernal fecks that vexed us, some sort of twisted magic warps the forest. the trees moved…”
  • ”...don’t know what happened to the rest of the party, they may still be alive. was the work of Avandra that we made it out of those woods.”

Some other would be adventurers were stuck for the day with the unfortunate tasks of gathering food and guarding caravans and had much less spectacular stories to share.

[OOC: feel free to interact with the NPCs, or tell your own story In Character below. I’ll keep up as best as I can with the replies. No set date for the next game session, but here’s a good place as any to gather information, make some cash, and possibly go on a sidequest for some extra xps.]

Bar Talk: Session 2

Tahnith (Barkeep): “Hey! It’s Lyreth. Haven’t seen you in a couple o’ days.”

Lyreth: “We’ve been busy.”

T “Runnin’ in to trouble have ya?”

L “Not too much.”

T “Sariah told me about those cave-crab-spider things you guys took out.”

L “Yeah, well we went back today. This time we got ready before we got too close. A gargoyle flew overhead, and landed above the doorway. Started speaking abyssal at us. Luckily, Phae understood him, more or less. Apparently those cave fishers were his pets. He said something about leave now, but Erik charged the door. So of course the cave fishers shot at him. Luckily they missed, because the gargoyle came back, oh right, an alchemist named Zip or something like that came with us today. At any rate, the gargoyle came down and hit Zip pretty hard. Erik came running back, and I had Zohrell move around to fight the gargoyle. I used a spell to enlarge him putting a barrier between Zip and the gargoyle. Phae was trying to talk to him, saying something about negotiations, when Erik cut off the majority of one of its wings. It tried to get away and fell into the river. So the oracle tied a rope to Erik, and he jumped after it. We hoisted him up gargoyle in tow, and headed inside. Not much excitement after that. Zohrell, Erik, and Zip took out some rather large centipedes, and we found some broken down constructs. Zohrell sensed something coming with the night, and we headed back. Anything exciting around here today?” .....

Day Three: Upon Returning to Gartanu

-Player character guilders Lyreth, Zorel, Phae, Deed, and Frederick returns from their ventures to the north.

-The rest of the player characters are spending the day doing either mundane tasks for Xyoen, or taking care of personal business in town.

DM: It is early, barely second breakfast when the guilders return from their expedition to the north. Gartanu appears mostly deserted, most of the residents being gone for the day gathering food, fortifying the settlement, general tasks and what not, not to mention the other guilders and rivals venturing into the unknown.

(OOC: The next two game sessions will take place on day 4. Use the comments area below to explore, gather info, etc. Alternatively click here to start a new thread.)

Day Four

DM: As usual the gates of Gartanu are sealed and the outer grounds warded for protection throughout the night. The already dimmed light that fights to penetrate the plasteel dome above the central plaza begins to fade. It is night, and much like it has been over the past week, the central plaza is bustling with activity.

Several of you might be in the Guild Hall, recovering, boasting stories, training, or possibly planning for your next expedition.

Others may be wandering the makeshift streets of the central plaza, it’s ever changing bazaar of goods foraged, pillaged, and reclaimed from the surrounding ruins. You’ve heard that Berrotuttle Brew’s near the south gate has been a reliable source for rumors. The Dark Market Square square auction starts in a few hours and the booths and stalls that surrounds the dark wooden stage always has interesting things for sale.

It is early still, plenty of time to explore the colony. What do you do?

The player characters have fourteen hours until the gates open back up. It takes eight to rest without having to make a Con check vs. exhaustion. Not sure what to do? Here’s a list of possibilities to get started. Either leave a comment below or start a new aventure log describing what your character is doing and I will update your character’s status in the wiki.