Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc

Prized: Crossbow, Launching

As Zip strolls into Dark Market Square, he reflects on the day’s event and the role he played. Maybe if I could throw my bombs farther, Zip mused, then I could wreak havoc without needlessly exposing myself to danger! But how? Crossbow bolts would be too weighed down by vials… Perhaps a crossbow/slingshot hybrid?

Grinning like a cat with a cornered mouse, Zip sets off to find either the results of someone else’s genius, or else the parts to build his own Launching Crossbow.

OOC: The Launching Crossbow costs 75g, so it falls under the prized category. If Zip is able to find one pre-manufactured, he’ll buy it and immediately go outside to start practicing his aim. If none are available, Zip will take the time to find parts for his new toy . If Zip needs to craft his own crossbow, he’ll also need to get ahold of the correct crafting tools (I would think the standard weapon-smith tools would be readily available at the guild hall); however, let me know how hard it would be to find masterwork quality smithing tools.

SO: let me know if I’m buying one or crafting, and if crafting, do I find the necessary tools, and if so, when do I start making my craft checks?

Also, how do we go about selling our nifty golems? I’m guessing most of our level 1 income is tied up in them; who shall sell them, pray tell?

Search for the Rod of Flames

After the last adventure Calro has found a new hatred for goblins. Their attack on his dog in an attempt to steal the adventurers wagons has angered Calro to the point of making a vow to destroy all goblins. He now seeks a way to gain more power in the magic arts of the flame.

4 hours pass as Calro searches for his brother. He finds Gayle sitting at a table in the tavern.

Calro: “I need more power. I can no longer stand behind and watch while everyone fights. If only I were stronger those goblins would not have gotten away.”

Gayle: “Ha ha. I see so the goblins have managed to get to you. Listen brother you fight well, don’t be so hard on yourself. One man can only do so much.. Sigh I will help you but only this once.. If you get to overpowered the fire will burn you to ash. I heard someone in the market speaking of a rod of flames. I believe his name was Mihael . You should find him in the North Gate District.”

Calro: “Thank you brother. How about a drink for the help?”

Gayle: “Ha Ha I’ll take two.”

Calro: “Fine, but only because you’re family”

Diplomacy check results

Hours spent gathering information

Arcana check results

I’ll update it when I get more info.

Searching For a Coven

Phae @ Quolp: “Hey Quolp, I feel as though I have much more to learn about being a witch. I once had a friend who taught me a lot, before we were forced out of town. I mean, I only just learned how to feather fall!! What have you learned so far?? Perhaps Franky could make friends with your lizard so we can share spells? I hope they get along!”

She decides to search for a coven in the area, for her only witch friend at home (Shakra) told her about the safety and acceptance which she felt as a part of one. Unfortunately she was driven away from Shakra when her community found out that Shakra was practicing witchcraft. One day she hopes to find her, as she still thinks of her as an older sister. Phae hopes to find a coven that is home to good witches, she would rather remain clueless than to consort with evil doers!

Curing the Blind

After returning from their Journey, Lyreth is a bit lost and confused. Blinded by a powerful disease he realizes he needs to find a healer. Phae does not seem to be able to help, as she has not already. Curing blindness will likely take a stronger healer. Slowly walking through Gartanu, Lyreth made his way back to his bed. With his head still spinning, he contemplated how to proceed. Not used to asking for help, Lyreth decided he would go out and look for a healer. There had to be someone who could cure his loss of sight.

In the morning Lyreth awoke, got up and slowly walked to Berotuttle’s Brews. Having been there often enough, he knew the path, more or less, and only bumped into a few people along the way.

Sariah “Lyreth, you’re here early.”

Lyreth “Well I’d be going out today however; I’ve come down with something, and can’t really see anything.”

S “How’d you manage that.”

L “A swarm of some sort of giant bug flew down and bit me. Next thing I knew I felt weaker, and I started losing my vision.”

S “Well, we don’t have any drinks that can help you with that, but I can get you a strong stout if you like?”

L “Just something to eat would be nice. Oh, by the way, heard of any good healers around here?”

Searching For a Coven (Again)

Back in town Phae begins to search for a coven so she can continue her training. She thinks to herself, “Where should I begin?” and hopes for a sign from Desna. She also wonders what magical device they helped save. If she searches for an hour or two with no luck, she plans on trying to craft something with the magical stones they uncovered last adventure.

Training Kobalds

After his loss of his two mules and his dog Calro becomes furious with the goblins. He wants more power now then ever. He unpacks everything and thinks of how to acquire this power. He cannot go back to searching for Mihael because of the incident two days ago. He then realizes he has Kobalds that he can train to become allies on the battlefield. He decides to begin the training and tries to befriend them.

(Let me know if this can be done. I was thinking of having them fight with me and such.)

A flash of steel

It is early still but the pub is packed. Just outside the bar and a short raggedly clothed person rudely grabs Phae’s shoulder and pulls her towards him. “You, you are from House Sargon? I have something to give you.” His voice is hoarse, his words spoken brokenly and through a heavy breath.

A glint of steel catches Phae’s eye she screams and just then Franky leaps onto the short mans face. Obscenities fly as the short man stabs wildly at the toad who immediately jumps away to safety. Phae quickly backs away, but a crowd has already gathered.

Phae: “What is it that you have for me? Please leave Franky alone, sir. He is simply trying to protect me.” Phae calls on Desna for help and summons her riding dog just in case

Calro quickly pulls up his hood so he cannot be identified and hastily walks over to Phae and whispers to her.

Calro: “Let’s not start a fight, It could cause us problems.”

DM: Upon arrival Phae’s riding dog barks menacingly at the surrounding crowd. A quick glance around, the ragged figure is nowhere to be seen. Phae’s dog growls, her gaze no fixed upon any target. Several drunkards shout jeers and obscenities, shouting for someone to put the dog down. No one is making a move just yet, but a lewd guilder yells at the dog to shut up.