Spell casters can be of any species and are treated with both awe and fear. In this world the mystical arts is a relatively new thing having arrived less than seven centuries ago. Such power in those early days were wielded by very few who wisely and more often jealously guarded the knowledge of spell casting.

The arcane energies of magic is like a cosmic force of nature. It can be unpredictable and disastrous at times. The masses fear those with the power to harness magic for their own use. Depending on the culture a mage can be reviled and hated, mistrusted and sometimes hunted down. A mage could even be treated like a savior or a champion, a figurehead that many look to in either hope or fear. This is why spell casters that become known are referred to as godlings, those with the potential to become either a god or a devil.

For the spellcaster there are limits to his powers, wielding awesome power does not make one immortal. It takes focus and dedication to learn magic and obtainment of the proper components in order to cast the spells. Many spell casters endeavor to become god-like but never become more than a minor godling, drawing upon the favor of uneducated folk easily impressed with a simple illusionary spells. Such trickery can only bring one so far. Great use of magic can often draw the attention of magical orders, sometimes foolish use does this as well but the endings of such encounters are almost never kind.

Like the weather, magical energies vary from region to region. Whereas in one city the effects of a spell may be predictable, casting that same spell in a dark mountainous forest rumored to be haunted by fey creatures may result in something wildly different. Use of magic in a cavernous dungeon tainted with infernal blood could corrupt the soul. Alternatively locating a portal to the mystical realms, the source of all magical energies can cause a surge of arcane might that grants great though temporary power to any spells cast while channeling the energies.


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