Aleph Valley

Population: 300-400. Mostly elves but half-elves, humans & deva are also found here. There are three villages here, the largest village Ayoa lies alongside the main trade road. The other two villages of Laobi and Binyal are situated at the northern and southern ends of the valley and are considerably smaller than the central village. The rest of the valley is covered by farmsteads, crops, orchards and herding fields.

Government & Defenses: Soldiers are stationed here paid for by Lord Eld to patrol and protect the farmers and herders who live here. The mountains surrounding this valley are very steep and treacherous providing a natural defensive wall against any would be intruders. Robbers and thieves are dealt with harshly here.

Trade: The people here are considered free but owe there existence primarily to Lord Eld. They live under his protection and so provide daily tributes of there harvest and monthly tributes of domesticated beasts.

People: Life centers around a series of mystical pool hidden from the roads view by densely grown orchards. These small bodies of water are used to irrigate all of the crops in the valley and are known as Melora’s tears. It rains here on a daily basis and is usually very muggy. Farmers of this valley typically worship and revere the old one Melora.

Wildlife: Murams are a common wild beast found in this valley and herders domesticate and tend to them for milk. Thortoises are bred in the mystic pools and butchered for there meat which makes a delicious soup, their spiky shell is also sold to merchants as material for making shell armor. Giant toads are also found around this area and are usually harmless if left alone but will attack if provoked. Giant centipedes are a menace to farmers, luckily giant toads love to eat them. Gorns are a pesky creature that sometimes scales the steep slopes of the surrounding mountainsides to eat the farmers crops. Some have been domesticated but they are very difficult to tame. Crops are exotic fruits and vegetables, the mystic pools allow just about anything to grow in this valley.

Aleph Valley

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