An Outline of the World

The game begins in the western region of the Godago mountains range bordering the outlands of the chaos wastes. The mountain range consists of many smaller mountains, valleys and forest that are verdant and full of life. Intelligent beasts, primal spirits, savage monsters & larger than life insects inhabit the wilderness. To the west on the horizon however are the demon tainted outlands of the Chaos wastes.



  • Entioch: frontier town in the Godago mountains ruled by Lord Eld. This is where the campaign begins.
  • Urthos: a mining town built on the ruins of an ancient earthborn military outpost. Trades regularly with Entioch being only a few weeks journey to the east on foot. Most merchants making the journey are smart and successful enough to have domesticated beasts to cut travel time in half.
  • Aleph Valley: A well maintained road connecting Entioch and Urthos runs through the center of this area. There are many small villages & hamlets along the road but they are mostly quiet farming/herding/hunting communities.

Dungeons, lairs & ruins of the old world.

  • The Ruined Monastery: the order of the gray monks built a temple here in the shadows of Mt. Urheim.
  • Nen Valley: serves as a rich hunting grounds for hunters and trappers from Entioch. The remnants of an ancient Eldir settlement sprawls across the valley floor. Old trade roads and ruined buildings have been overtaken by the wilderness since then and savage monsters and intelligent beasts have taken to lairing in these places.
  • The Shining City: Within the eastern area of the mountain range is a floating island. Here lies the ruins of an ancient Eldir city. It is said that before the fall of the Eldir empire this was the nexus of inter-planar trade.

The wilderness & borderlands

  • Mount Urheim: Dark gray and lifeless mountains void of any wildlife that marks the edge of the unknown. Rumors and stories tell of cultists, mutants & aberrations inhabiting this area. What mysteries lie here are yet to be discovered.
  • The Seeping Woods: this sunken forest was once elven territories and home to many primal spirits. Today it is an infernally corrupted battleground haunted by roaming tribes of chaotic beastmen.
  • Realms of Mana: territories of the beast kingdom. Hidden in the valleys and forests of Godago mountains.
  • The Outlands: A vast region still able to support life but tainted by the infernal lands of the chaos wastes.
  • The Chaos Wastes: A barren and twisted landscape. On some nights eerily bright and sickly colors of light can be seen from Entioch swirling and flailing about the night’s sky above this region.

Other worlds

  • The Shadowfell: Beneath the floating island of the shining city is a pit of darkness. It is a valley that sees no sunlight and is haunted by all manners of the undead. Permanent gateways to the shadowfell are tucked away in the darkest corners of this valley. Other gateways exist along the mountain range but it is rare to inadvertently stumble across a portal to this echo of the world.
  • The Feywild: The outlands is a chaotic and fantastically unnatural landscape. It is here that the fey seem to emerge from their worlds. It is rumored that fey settlements exists in the outlands. Wizards surmise that the aethyric energies of the chaotic wastes creates natural passways between the two planes.
  • The Astral Sea: The monks of the temple of the old ones often speak of the astral sea. The godlings confirms the existence of this plane though mortal has claimed to ever have been there.
  • The Elemental Chaos: Portals leading to the plane of demons, elementals and giants are common in areas of extreme climate. Luckily for the adventurer’s these areas are hundreds of miles away…

An Outline of the World

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