Exploring Gartanu

What’s play-by-post gaming?: Think of play-by-post gaming as participating in both collaborative writing and interactive fiction. The initial post sets the scene and lays out the scenario. From there the players can post a comment describing what actions their character will be taking, usually “In-Character”(IC) using the third person perspective(‘he’, ‘she’, ‘they’, or ‘it’ rather than ‘I’ or ‘we’).

The player usually describes the outcome of their character’s action and how it affects their surroundings unless an element of risk is involved likely to result in failure. In such cases the player can tell the moderator “Out-of-Character”(OOC) which skill they will use, roll for it online and post the total including modifiers. The number required is usually unknown to the player and so the moderator will reply with the result of their characters action.

How does this work?

  • Time advances as games are played: Our tabletop gaming sessions as a rule always begins at one of three gates of the central settlement of Gartanu, and ends with our adventuring party back within the walls of civilization. This allows the players to not only form their own groups for each expedition into the wilderness, but also to explore the central settlement and interact with it’s inhabitants and each other in between game sessions.
  • After each tabletop game session: the player characters have fourteen hours of in game time to do whatever they want until the gates open back up. A normal human character must rest for at least 8 hours or make a Con check (DC26 – 2 for every consecutive hour of rest) at the beginning of the next day. Failing the check results in the character being exhausted for the day. Also wizards and similar spellcasters that prepare spells for the day must spend at least 1 hour to replenish.
  • When exploring Gartanu: the Dungeon Master lets you know how much time has passed for your character. The next game session will begin on the dawn of Day 5. When a new day begins any unspent hours from the previous day are lost. As long as your character had 8 unspent hours, then it is assumed to be spent resting. A spell caster that prepares spells will automatically use an hour to replenish if available as well.
  • If your character did not venture out during the day: then that character has an additional ten hours to explore Gartanu before dusk.

Rules Reference

Updated as the campaign goes on:

Exploring Gartanu

Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc maka