Exploring Irthos

About the differences between tabletop and online play

-I am available to run an open game session over the tabletop once a month in which I will post the details over on the adventure log for the date, time, and number of players wanted. When playing on the tabletop the focus is all about exploring the wilderness so the session always begins with the player characters just outside the gates of safe haven, and ends with the player characters back within the safety of civilization.

-In between games I will post times that I am available to run short mini sessions online using a combination of play by post via the adventure log, and skype. Most likely once a week, or every other week. Online games take place mainly in civilization, though the occasional short ventures into the wilderness may be possible.

About player driven goals

-The campaign relies heavily on the players to let the dungeon master know what goals they are interested in pursuing in the game.

-Players may use this website between tabletop game sessions to explore the town, interact with npcs, make plans, purchase equipment, gather information, and possibly even explore the ruins.

What about off island players interested in participating?

-I’d like to have more players come on board and have a few ideas for those who do not live here to join in. The type of game I’d run online is dependent on the medium.

-The greatest strength of play by post gaming is that you can take your time to create these wonderful narratives and stylish descriptions. It’s weakness is that it takes a long time to get replies and so not really all that great for dialog or combat encounters.

-Chat or vocal chatting(skype) based gaming is great for getting things done quicker, but the downside is scheduling. For these sort of game sessions I’m willing to run it for half hour to an hour more often than longer games.

-Digital gaming tables are great, but unfortunately I only have a small netbook, so using a battlemap is difficult. For online games any combat that occurs are handled descriptively.

-What I propose for those who are interested in playing an online only campaign is to keep the above in mind. The pitch for online players is similar to the tabletop group, except you all belong to a separate adventuring guild, potentially rivals or allies to the tabletop group. Anyone interested may message me and roll up characters as described in the wiki.

Exploring Irthos

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