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Beyond the dense tropical forests of Terruizeng kingdom’s western frontier and over the karstic mountain range of Onesu looms the remnants of the megacity Entioc. Upon the city’s northern edge is the fledgling colony of Gartanu where the great houses of Terruizeng has sent their mightiest of warriors, most gifted mystics, and bravest of explorers to seek out the lost treasures of old.

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  • Passage of time in game will follow the real world calendar, and if real life ever catches up to in game time, then both keep ticking on in real time.
  • In game time at the beginning of a game session, always picks up where the last game session ended, unless real time has caught up with in game time, in which case the current in game time is the present.
  • Player Characters who were not present at the previous or more game sessions should note the time difference between their current and last game, consuming rations, and paying off any debts as needed for rent. PCs that run out of either rations or coins simply begin the game broke. Each day that passes between when the PC ran out of resources, and the start of the game session, there is a 5% chance that a random piece of mundane gear will be stolen from the PC. For every 3 pieces of mundane equipment stolen, there is a 5% chance a random magical item the PC possesses will be stolen as well.

Currently it is dusk on Day 6 of the campaign

Status updates for Day 6, dusk until dawn – 14 hours until the gates reopen

  • Hour 2, Calro and Phae are at Berotuttle’s Brews
  • Phae, Calro, Sir Erik, and Lyreth returns to Gartanu.

At the beginning of Day 6, dawn until dusk – 10 hours until the gates close

  • Jan, Jebwick, Sevearn, Zip, Deed, Frederick, Gilbert, and Tomek are Exploring Gartanu

Main Page

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