List of quotes for the game session:

“Nick Stroth: Dude… Connan = win”

Calro: “I had a choice between stick and stick with knife”

Jonathan: “what the hell is a vegiepigmy anyway?”

Jonathan: “well, when a rock loves another rock….”

Nick Stroth: “Oh, Barny! What have they done to you!? You’re all over the place!” Nick Stroth: There’s Rubble everywhere… sighs

Jan after critting a fifteen foot long giant centipede with a ranged club attack: “I loot my club”

Phae, after speaking in tongues(abyssal) to the irate gargoyle about 6 seconds before the it gets pwned: “Stop! I think we can negotiate”

Zip to Phae: “What in the world are you anyways?”


Ancient Irthos: Upon the Ruins of Entioc kauainokaoi