The Temple of the Old Ones

Smoke from incense and the sounds of a low toned chanting fills the temple throughout the day, at night the temple is closed to the public while the monks perform rituals dedicated to the old ones. The monks are Devas all descended from the Eldir and rarely eat or sleep.

Lord Eld visits the temple each night taking part in the rituals.

Like all religions the Old ones have their version of a creation story, and the majority of the population in this region believes these stories though many of the godlings claim that it is untrue and the old ones are a myth.

The ancient eldir language is a largely dead language but it covers the temples inner walls.

The west wall tells stories of the origins of Life

The eastern wall tells stories of The Godlings & Primordials War.

Brother Saeyu is the head of this temple and most likely to interact with the players. All of the monks have long unkempt hair and beards and wears similar garbs made of a shining un-worldly material.

The Temple of the Old Ones

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