Jebwick’s Character sheet.

Jebwick is an almost middle age gnome of intimidating stature… for a gnome. His personality is rather brisk and to the point but he is still rather likable. Nothing wrong with someone who is honest. He’s also quite the perfectionist. Has to be in his line of work. Absolutely nothing but perfection is enough for protecting the kinds of goods his locks and safes have been hired to do. He’s never seen combat in his days except for a couple street scuffles in his youth, but it’s not his fighting prowess that has brought him to the attention of the adventuring company, it’s his professional skills. He’s joined the party with his own carriage which carries his portable tools of the trade. The sides and back are strewn with drawers of tools and supplies with fold-out tables for doing his work. It is drawn by a pair of trained rams and driven by a quiet gnome by the name of (to -be-filled-in-later-with-Aimee’s-character’s-name).


Jebwick is a locksmith. A very good locksmith. He’s been doing it for a while now and has earned a reputation for being able to safeguard the most valuable items. He’s had several wealthy and well-known clients. However, it’s not the locks and traps he’s really interested in, it’s the gems and valuables they keep safe. He can’t stand the idea of such things falling into undeserving hands through theft or trickery. The thought of ancient artifacts and treasures being molested and stolen to be sold on the black market is just atrocious to him. That is why he’s come to Entioc. History must be saved.


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