A young Cleric who's traveled the land and seen much

Male, Human Cleric Level 1 Age: 20 Weight 180 Height 5’10” Size: Medium Movement: 20 Deity: None Alignment: Lawful Neutral 10 Health Points
9 Str 10 Dex 14 Con 12 Int 18 Wiz 14 Cha
4 Fort 0 Ref 6 Will
(Armor Class)
18 = 10 + 6 (Breastplate) + 2 (Shield)
Endurance, Diehard
(Class Feats:)
Simple Weapons, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Shields, Unarmed Strike, Aura


Class skills: Diplomacy, Heal, Perception+1, Sense Motive

Misc NonClass Skill bonus: +1 Climb, +1 Survival

(Armor check penalty: -4)


Common, Celestial, Draconic

Class Abilities:

Domains: Healing, Community

(5 per day) Channel Energy: (30 Feet Radius) 1d6, Positive Energy. Will DC 13 to resist half damage. Healing Domain (7 per day) (Range: Touch) 1d4 Heal. Can only target under 0 HP. (7 Per day) (Range: Touch) 1d6 heal +1 Non-lethal damage per cleric lvl. Cures: Fatigue, shaken and sickened.


Lvl 0 Detect Magic, Light, Stabilize

Lvl 1 Bless, Sanctuary, Cure light wounds


1d6 Club


6 AC Breastplate

2 AC Heavy Wooden Shield

Misc Equipment

Backpack, Belt Pouch, Holy Symbol, Cleric’s vestments, 14 Rations (On Mule), 7 days of feed (On Mule), Saddlebag (On Mule), Bedroll (On Mule), Water skin (On Mule), Mule.

Encumbrance Light <30 Medium 31-60 Heavy 61-90

Current Weight 45.5 Lbs.

Current Weight on Mule (Limit 250 for Light Encumbrance) 101 Lbs


0 Gold

5 Silver

9 Copper


Jan joined a monastery at a young age. He grew up surrounded by faith, but his heart always told him to seek knowledge and the truth. He felt himself compelled to search the world and find true wisdom and enlightenment.

Jan found much on his travels and came upon a distant land where the Dragon, Angelic and Human races lived as kin. He spent much of his young adult life there, growing up with wonders from afar and learning values and morals that follow him to this day. He has since, resumed his journey to new lands.

Jan is fairly average when it comes to his physical appearance, but he is far heartier than he looks. He doesn’t give up and his tremendous will compels him to push forwards, even when all hope seems lost. He is very intelligent, but he often lacks common knowledge of things and places he has yet to visit. He instead, carries much universal sense and has even learned to keep his mouth shut and his eyes open, when the situation calls for it. He is fairly quiet, but when he does speak, others are often spellbound by the wisdom and compassion of his words.

Jan has seen much in this world. Much of its good and bad. He find himself compelled to aid those in pain and prevent those who would do harm from doing so. He hates to kill, but experience has taught him that it is a necessary evil of this world. While it might seem that he is a kind hearted person, he is very stoic in his true philosophy. He questions everything, even things that seem good and pure. He choses to align himself with ‘balance’ than to falsely claim that he is a ‘good man’. To him, ‘goodness’ is a point of view.

(I rolled some fairly Fluff Extra starting bonuses. Extra gold and experience. The only thing that caught my eye was that I learned a new language and a non-class skill becoming mastered. I decided to make my backstory based on that and his stats.)


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