Buying and Selling Items

About buying/selling/trading/searching for equipment and adventuring goods

Buying Equipment and Adventuring Goods: depends on finding a seller. Unless you are seeking a common item you will need to search for a seller by starting a “trade encounter”. When you find a seller you may need to barter, haggle, or possibly pilfer the item that you are after.

“Trade encounters” are play by post role playing opportunities where your character’s skills, and player ingenuity comes into play. To initiate a trade encounter create an adventure log post with the title listing the availability of the item you are seeking and it’s name.

Selling Items: Items are sold through the guild and the player character receives a fifth(rounded up) of the item’s listed amount as part of his share paid out by Xyoen. As per the guild charter, House Sargon guilders are not allowed to sell their items through the market.

Keeping Items: Items found while adventuring may be kept by the adventuring party that found it. If it is of particular interest Xyoen may offer to purchase the item. It is up to the adventuring party to determine rights of ownership for found items.


  • Common: Easily found and purchased. Difficulties only arise if purchasing in bulk.
  • Uncommon: A hard to find item. Searching for an Uncommon item takes 1d3 hours a day to find a potential vendor. If time runs out you are unsuccessful, otherwise the DM describes the situation.
  • Rare: Items that pop up from time to time. Searching for a Rare item takes 1d6 hours a day to find a potential vendor. If time runs out it you are unsuccessful, otherwise the DM describes the situation.
  • Prized: Items that are high quality, unusual, and possibly unique. Sometimes rewarded for completing a ‘Quest’ given by NPCs in Gartanu but otherwise unavailable. Alternatively such items can be crafted given time, skill or the services of an NPC.
  • Obscure: Either a hard to find, rumored, hoarded or simply unavailable item. Searching for an Obscure item initiates a ‘Subplot’ in which your character gets a ‘Clue’ of the item’s whereabouts. It is up to the player character to complete the subplot and obtain the item. More clues may be discovered along the way, and challenges will need to be overcome. Great risks lead to greater rewards.

Armor – Anything listed at 25 gold or less is common. Armors listed at up to 250 gold are uncommon. If the armor is listed as more than 250 gold than it is prized. Rare armor is subject to current events.

Weapons – Anything listed at 15 gold or less is common. Weapons listed at up to 50 gold are uncommon. If the weapon is listed as more than 50 gold than it is prized. Rare weapons are subject to current events.

Goods and Services – Detailed below.

  • Adventuring Gear – Common items are listed at up to 40 gold. Any items listed for over 40 gold and up to 250 gold is Uncommon. Items costing more than 250 gold are Prized.
  • Tools and Skill kits – Obscure. Far from civilization such items can be worth more than it’s weight in gold.
  • Special Substances and Items – Uncommon items are listed at up to 80 gold. Rare items are those listed as over 80 gold and up to 200 gold. Items listed above 200 gold are Prized.
  • Mounts, Livestock and Related Gear – Obscure. Hoarded and often at a premium.
  • Clothing – Common. Coming up with a good description of your attire affects NPC reactions.
  • Hirelings, Spellcasting, and Services – Uncommon. On a success you find a potential candidate.

Trade Goods – For items that are not listed, use the linked to table to compare equivalent goods and determine a price.

Magic Items – Minor magic items Rare. Medium items are prized. Major items are obscure.

Buying and Selling Items

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