House Sargon Guild Hall

The guild hall secured in Gartanu by Xyoen was unimpressive but adequate. The original colonists refortified this ruined monolithic structure to support their numbers and were caught wholly unprepared for this sudden influx of soldiers, adventurers, slaves, and guilders from their homeland. The main streets on the fourth level of this structure became overcrowded, the upper levels being reserved for the mystics and nobles, while the majority of the lower levels were either uninhabitable or permanently flooded by the near constant downpour.

In the northeastern corner is where the guilders were placed, the terruizengan military sent to refortify the structure took up posts at the southwest and south east, while the north west quarter was claimed by the original colonists who comprised of a third of the current population. Through deals, bribes, favors and connections Xyoen was granted a space in the guilders quarters large enough to house his followers, the adventurers and their possessions comfortably and securely. Two other guilds are present as well on this level, though the general rumor is that most of the guilders were forced to make do with the comparitively squalid conditions on the lower levels.

The hall appears to have once been a warehouse of some sort. The cobwebbed ceiling is well over 8 meters high and the grime layered room retangular but spacious. A wooden mezzanine wraps around the room about 3 in a half meters up with several catwalks arcing across the room up above with thick support beams spaced apart every 4-8 meters.

These wooden structures were rotting but sturdy enough for use and effectively became living spaces once cleaned out and covered with heavy cloth and canvas. In the center of the room, which opened up to a bare ceiling, three roughly constructed sets of tables and benches were placed end upon end in a line. This was known as the common area of the adventurer’s guild hall.

House Sargon Guild Hall

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